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Ch. 10 Ethical Misconduct in the Courts and Responses

Confirmatory Bias
Fixating on a preconceived notion and ignoring other possibilities, such as in regard to a specific suspect during a police investigation.
Innocence Project
An organization staffed by lawyers and law students who reexamine cases and provide legal assistance to convicts when there is a probability that serious error occurred in their prosecution.
An approach to the Constitution that uses a looser reading of the document and reads into its rights that the framers might have recognized or that should be recognized as a result of "evolving standards".
Natural Rights
The concept that one has certain rights just by virtue of being born, and these rights are not created by humans, although they can be ignored.
Strict Constructionist
The view that an individual has no rights unless these rights are specified i the Constitution or have been created by some other legal source.