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VADETS Module 9

Virginia Drivers Ed
shift to neutral
If, while driving, the accelerator pedal gets stuck and the engine is racing ____
it will become flooded, there may be a strong odor of gasoline, the engine may not start
If too much fuel and not enough air reaches the engine, _____.
the coolant in the engine is too hot
The temperature light will come on in your vehicle when _____.
the wheel will wobble and you will feel a slight pull in the direction of the blowout
If a rear tire blows out _____
battery, starter and alternator
The major components of the electrical system are _____.
Underinflated tires may lead to blowouts
When the alternator light comes on
your electrical system is in trouble your battery has a low charge turn off as many electrical devices as possible
If you experience power steering failure, the steering mechanism will still work but it requires more effort to change direction.
It is not good for the steering system to be turned beyond its maximum range
The fuel injection system mixes the fuel and air and supplies it to the cylinders
Uneven tire wear may indicate problems with the suspension system
lift foot off accelerator and brake gently only if necessary
If you experience a blowout, you should _____.
pump the brakes shift to a lower gear use the parking brake to gradually slow the vehicle down
If you experience brake failure, you should _____.
it means your ABS system is working
If your anti-lock braking system light comes on briefly when you start the car, _____
The anti-lock brake system engages every time the driver applies the brakes.
If your ABS is not working correctly, a warning light will come on.
When using ABS, stopping distance may be longer on gravel or fresh snow.
If your tires are sliding, you will not be able to steer the vehicle.
If you feel the brake pulsating when ABS is working, you should immediately take your vehicle to a service center
ABS allows you to steer while applying maximum braking pressure.
A grinding noise when ABS is activated is normal
When ABS activates, you should pump the brakes to keep it working
ABS detects impending wheel lock-up and thus allows the tires to keep rolling
Most railroad fatalities are caused by _____
areas around a truck that the truck driver cannot see areas where vehicles should not "hang out"
"No Zone" areas are _____.
Vehicles that normally travel at speeds less than _____ mph should display a slow moving vehicle sign
When following a truck, you should stay far enough behind the vehicle to see the side mirrors.
If you have a driver's license, you can legally operate a motorcycle
Bicyclists are required by law to stay in the right lane at all times.
Virginia does not require a driver's license for farm machinery
Bicycles are not treated as vehicles in Virginia
. avoid use of the horn reduce your speed and pass when it is safe to do so expect the unexpected
When encountering a bicyclist on a roadway, ____
be at least 16
Moped drivers must _____.