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  1. exocrine glands
  2. ratchet effect hypothesis
  3. fecundity
  4. triver's parental investment hypothesis
  5. senescence
  1. a sex that invests more effort& more resources in offspring is the limiting resource for the reproduction of the less investing sex-object of competition
  2. b deterioration of body function as we grow older
  3. c secrete substances into ducts that empty into body cavities or onto surfaces
  4. d cumulative cultural change, beneficial modifications to existing habits can accumulate over time
  5. e capacity to bear offspring

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  1. study of reproductive functioning as an interaction b/w an organism and it's environment
  2. monthly probability of conception
  3. net difference b/w energy intake and energy expenditure
  4. model of how individuals allocate resources (energy&effort) over lifetimes to maximize reproductive success
  5. inventory of behaviors of a species with the behaviors organized into categories

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  1. antagonistic pleiotropygenes that are beneficial early in life can have adverse affect later in life


  2. parallel testingadopt goal/intention and copy precise motor pattern


  3. auxologycopy motor patterns without adopting or understanding goal/intention


  4. adolescent subfecunditycapacity to bear offspring


  5. fertilitysuccessful reproduction b/c you had children