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  1. innovation
  2. mimicry
  3. focal animal sampling
  4. exocrine glands
  5. grandmother hypothesis
  1. a menopause evolved to switch women from investing in offspring production to investing in their grandchildren
  2. b copy motor patterns without adopting or understanding goal/intention
  3. c newly invented behaviors
  4. d occurrences of actions of 1 individual are recorded during a predetermined sample period
  5. e secrete substances into ducts that empty into body cavities or onto surfaces

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  1. adopt goal/intention and copy precise motor pattern
  2. one that forages in way that maximizes its net energy gain
  3. adopt goal/intention without copying precise motor pattern
  4. more than 1 observer collects data at same time
  5. inventory of behaviors of a species with the behaviors organized into categories

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  1. adolescent subfecunditycapacity to bear offspring


  2. senescencehormones from adrenal glands that helps shape the brain


  3. fecunditycapacity to bear offspring


  4. fertilitycapacity to bear offspring


  5. reproductive ecologysuccessful reproduction b/c you had children