Missouri Constitution

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When Missouri became a state
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Initiativewhen a legislation/amendment is introduced by a citizen petitioning to vote on such a legislatureReferendumwhen the legislation/amendment is introduced by members of the General Assembly, and is voted on by the Missouri citizensWho has the power to impeach the governorMissouri House of RepresentativesPowers of GovernorCall a special session of the General Assembly; Veto bills; Sign bills into law; Give State of State Address; Grant pardons, reprieves, and commutations in MissouriPowers of Lieutenant Governor1st in line to GovernorPowers of Attorney GeneralProsecutes/Defends all state court casesPowers of Secretary of StateRuns state and national elections in MissouriPowers of TreasurerInvests state money and writes checksPowers of AuditorKeeps financial records of local and state moneyLine-Item VetoAbility of the Governor to approve some parts of a spending bill, while vetoing others.Governor term of office4 yearsSupreme Court justice term of office12 yearsHighest court in MissouriMissouri Supreme CourtJurisdiction of MO Supreme CourtHighest court; Final jurisdiction in most casesJurisdiction of MO Court of AppealsAppellate jurisdiction; Hears appeals from Circuit CourtsJurisdiction of MO Circuit CourtOriginal jurisdiction in most civil cases; Controls Municipal, Probate, Drug, and Family CourtsJurisdiction of Municipal CourtOriginal jurisdiction in cases involving civil ordinancesJurisdiction of Probate CourtOriginal jurisdiction in cases with wills and property of the deceasedJurisdiction of Drug CourtOriginal jurisdiction in most cases involving first-time drug offendersJurisdiction of Family CourtOriginal jurisdiction in cases involving juveniles (adoption, divorce, etc.)Ordinancelaw made by a city or county governmentHow is the Missouri Non-Partisan Court Plan used to select judges?1) There's a vacancy / potential vacancy 2) A committee nominates 3 eligible people to be judges 3) Governor selects someone within 60 days (if they don't, then the committee will decide)Who makes up the committee that nominates MO Supreme Court judges?A Supreme Court justice, Someone appointed by the Missouri Bar Association, Someone appointed by the governorResponsibilities of county governmentsMaintain county roads; Maintain county law enforcement; Conduct local, state, and national electionsCounty CommissionGovernmental body that maintains and directs the business of most countiesResponsibilities of city governmentsMaintain city roads; Maintain city law enforcement; Maintain city parksMonth in which Missouri General Elections are heldNovemberRequirements to vote in a General ElectionUS citizen; Resident of Missouri; 18+ years of age; Registered where you liveHow does Missouri generate Revenue?Income tax, Inheritance tax, Sales tax, LotteryDoes Missouri have toll roads?NOIncome taxTax on income / salary people receive in workInheritance taxTax on inheritances people receive / inherit after a loved one/relative passes onSales taxTax on things you buy in storesMissouri voters decide that they want a new MO Constitution...every 20 yearsThe current MO Constitution was adopted in...1945Current MO GovernorJay NixonCurrent Lieutenant GovernorPeter KinderCurrent MO Attorney GeneralChris KosterCurrent MO Secretary of StateJason KanderCurrent MO TreasurerClint ZweifelIn MO, what % of votes is needed to pass a bill in either House?Simple majority (51%)Ex-Post Facto LawA law that attempts to charge someone with committing a crime when they had done such deed before the law making it illegal had been passedThe ___ presides over the House of RepresentativesSpeaker of the HouseThe ___ presides over the SenateLieutenant GovernorThe ___ has the highest rank in the SenateSpeaker of the SenateQualifications to be Governor30 years of age, US citizen for 15 years, Resident of Missouri for 10 yearsQualifications to be a State Representative24 years of age, Qualified voter, Resident of district for 1 yearQualifications to be a MO Supreme Court Justice30 years of age, US citizen for 15 years, Licensed to practice law in MissouriDepositionA sworn, written statement that can be used in courtPerjuryWhen someone lies under oath in courtDouble JeopardyWhen someone is tried for the same crime twiceHabeus CorpusA writ ordering a person to be brought before a court or judge, esp so that the court may ascertain whether his detention is lawfulRedistrictingThe redrawing of legislative and congressional district lines following the U.S. decennial census.