chapter 7 sociology

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There are a few very important gender differences described in our textbook: aggression, empathy, social dominance, and sexuality. I think it is pretty clear to all of us that men are much more aggressive than women, generally speaking. And in terms of a psychologists definition, this means that men behave with intentions of hurting someone. I feel like this trait goes hand in hand with that of women being more empathetic. This difference of men being more aggressive and women more empathetic truly shows how the genders can be polar opposite. Women seem to rarely get into fights with each other, but men rarely seem to even attempt to understand what other people are going through. I feel like men may even sometimes be aggressive because they lack that ability to empathize, but then again I'm bias because I'm a woman. Social dominance is another important gender difference because it is such a universal gender difference. When I think of political leaders all over the world most of them are men; when I think of heroes in stories from all cultures most of them are men. I think it may even be their aggression that helps them get to this dominating role that their gender seems to support. Sexuality is an important gender difference in my opinion because its almost the most obvious one, or maybe its just because I'm at that age in college. But boys seem to seek out women more, again, aggressively. They are definitely the initiators for the most part, but I feel like it may even have become a social norm for them the be the initiators, women expect it.