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Bujinkan No Kamae cheat sheet

This is for new students of Bujinkan. I made them from a cheat sheet handed out by my teacher for my use but decided to share them. This set covers No Kamae
Seiza No Kamae
Perfect Sitting Posture
Shizen No Kamae
Natural Standing Posture
Ichimonji No Kamae
Number One Posture
Hicho No Kamae
Flying Bird Posture
Hira No Kamae
Flat Posture
Hoko No Kamae
Encircling Posture
Doko No Kamae
Angry Tiger
Fudoza No Kamae
Immovable Seat Posture
Jumonji No Kamae
Number ten Posture
Tai Sabaki
Defensive Body Movements
Yoko Aruki
Sideways Walking