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Moche' the Beadle was deported from Sighet because he was ..

A foreigner

What was the most important thing that Moche' taught Eliezer ?

To Pray to ask God the right questions

What emotion best describes the attitude of the Jewish Community in Sighet towards the Germans during the first five years of World War II ?

Disbelief and denial

During which Jewish holiday did the German persecution of the Jews in Sighet begin ?


How did Elizer learn that the Jews were to be deported ?

By the head of the Jewish council

What event initially caused Madame Schachter to lose her mind ?

Seeing real flames

Which concentration camp does Eliezer arrive at first ?


How old does Eliezer tell Dr. Mengele he is when he arrives at Birkenau ?


What happens to the prisoners every time they enter a new camp ?

They run and are put in forms of 5

What is the identification number tattooed on Eliezer ?


What does Eliezer's meals mostly consist of ?

Soup and bread

What is the name of Eliezer's younger sister ?


What is Eliezer's most valuable possession that he tries to hold onto for as long as possible ?

His gold crown

What unit is Eliezer put into when her first arrives at Buna ?

Block 53

What does Eliezer later find out about the French girl in Buna ?

She is Jewish

Who forces Eliezer to give up his gold crown ?


Why does Idek have Eliezer whipped ?

Eliezer saw him with a girl

How do the prisoners react when an air raid occurs at Buna ?


During the air raid, only one prisoner dies. How does this casualty occur ?

He was trying to get a pot of soup but he fell in

What instrument does Juliek play ?


How do the SS guards execute prisoners who have committed crimes ?

They hang them

Why was "the sad-eyed angel" executed ?

For hording weapons

What are the prisoners forced to do after each public execution ?

Stare the dead one in the face

Which holiday does Eliezer refuse to celebrate ?

Jewish New Year

What is Eliezer's attitude towards God at Rosh Hashanah ?

That he does not have love for the Jews

What does the SS give the prisoners as a New Year's present ?

A selection

How does Eliezer pass the selection ?

He ran through it.

What does Eliezer's father give Eliezer when he thinks that he is going to the crematory ?

A spoon and a knife

Why does Eliezer have to have an operation on his leg ?

It is swollen

What is the big decision that Eliezer and his father have to make when they leave Buna ?

Whether they should go to the hospital or the group

Why doesn't Eliezer want his father to fall asleep when the prisoners are finally allowedd to rest on the march?

He would have froze

On the march to Gleiwitz Eliahou loses his what?


After Eliezer sees Rabbi Eliahou, what does he pray to God for?

To give him the strength to never abandon his father

Why does a son kill his own father on the train to Bucherwald?

To get some bread

What disease does Eliezer's father have in Buchenwald?


What is Eliezer's father's last word?


Why does an SS guard shatter Eliezer's father's skull?

Because he keeps calling Eliezer for water and he won't be quiet.

What day does Eliezer's father die?

January 29th, 1945

On what day is Buchenwald liberated?

April 11th 1945

Why does Eliezer have to go to the hospital after Buchenwald is liberated?

He got food poisoning

A section of the city where jews were formerly restricted


A Jewish house of worship


The mass murder of an entire race or group of people


The Jewish equivalent of a priest


The concentration camp that the Weisel family was first sent to


The final camp that the Weisels were sent; were Elie's father died


The German soldiers in charge of selection

The "SS"

Men at the head of the prisoner blocks


Tradition of Jewish Mysticism ; what Moche taught Elie


Concentration camp after Auschwicz where the Weisels spent the most time


Who is Wiesel's father

Chlomo Weisel

Narrating survivor of the camps

Eliezer Wiesel

Prisoner A-7713

Elizer Weisel

Women who cries out "Fire!" on the journey to Auschwitz

Madame Schachter

Deeply religious man who eventually loses faith and is "selected"

Akiba Drumer

Kapo who is prone to fits; Elie finds him with a women and is punished


Foreman in the Electrical warehouse who terrorizes Weisel's father when his son won't give up his gold crown ( filling )




Author of the memoir

Eliezer Weisel

Wiesel's Cabbala teacher

Moshe the Beadle

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