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GCSE 2004 Tsunami


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Sunda Trench
the location of the earthquake
Banda Aceh, Indonesia
the first place affected by the tsunami wave and earthquake
the speed of the wave in mph
the number of deaths caused by the tsunami
the number of people injured during the disaster
Naval ships
sent by India as aid
World Health Organisation
organised aid to prevent cholera and typhoid
Exposed bays
in Thailand were badly damaged, sheltered bays reasonably unaffected
the number of people dead on a train in Sri Lanka
the magnitude of the quake on the ocean floor
Stick slip
the properties of the plate margin that caused the earthquake
West and East
The general direction of the tsunami wave across the Indian Ocean
Early warning system
of buoys and deep ocean sensors is now in place
Action Aid
raised £13million of counselling and rebuilding schools and communities
sent forensic experts to help identify bodies