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GCSE Holderness coast


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Meters of coastline lost in a stormy year at Holderness
Glacial tills
sediments that make up the areas that erode fastest on Holderness
Makes up the headland that juts out into the sea at Flamborough
Spurn Head
A spit that crosses the Humber Estuary made up of eroded sediment from the Holderness coastline
the distance the coast has retreated since Roman times in KM
number of lost towns since Roman times
a town at risk of falling into the sea
Old Kilnsea
one of the lost towns of the Holderness coastline
Rock groynes
used to trap sediment in front of Mappleton
Rock revetment
put at the base of Mappleton's cliff to prevent erosion
The cost of Mappleton's coastal defences in millions of pounds
Cliff top farm
down current of Mappleton is being starved of sediment
Flamborough Head
Provides examples of caves, arches and stacks
Holderness Coast
Area of crumbling cliffs and cliff retreat
Narrow beaches
Are found along the coastline at the base of the cliffs