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GCSE Sand dunes


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Sand dune
A hill of sand, made and shaped by wind
Marram grass
grows in sand dunes, very long roots, can survive in the harsh sandy soil, stabilizes the dune, thrives on sand that increases in height
Footpath erosion
exposes sand on the dune and lets the wind remove the sand causing a "blow out"
Winter storms
have increased in strength and frequency damaging sand dunes
an invasive species that is damaging dunes
Christmas trees
can be ground up and used to fill in the blow outs
Shoreline Management Plan - put in place to try to protect sand dune ecosystems
Geotextile bags
a soft engineering approach used to stop dune erosion
used to stop tourists walking on sensitive areas
Mature Dune
The oldest dune in a system,found at the back
Embryo dune
First stage of a dune, formed behind the berm, has an alkaline pH, small.
Dune slack
A depression in a sand dune system where ponds and lakes can form
like driftwood cause sand to accumulate into mounds, the first phase in formation