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Chap.6 The Nursing Process in Mental Health Nursing

first step of the nursing process in which subjective and objective data are collected that provides a foundation for planning appropriate nursing care
step of nursing process that determines the success of nursing interventions in meeting the criteria outlined in the expected outcomes
expected outcomes
planning measurable and realistic outcomes that anticipate the improvement or stabilization of the problem identified in the nursing diagnosis
nursing diagnosis
identification of an actual or pontential client problem based on conclussions about the collected data
nursing interventions
actions taken by the nurse to assist the client in achieving the anticipated outcome
nursing process
scientific and systematic method for providing effective individualized nursing care to resolve client problems
objective data
information observed by the nurse or provided by others who are famillar with the client, including addidtional members of the health care team
organizing nursing problems or diagnoses according to the intensity and immediate urgency of the problem.
subjective data
information provided by the client including history and perception of the present situation or problem