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Excel Terminology

active cell

Location in the worksheet that will display typed data or that will be affected by a command

formula bar

Displays the contents stored in te active cell

name box

Displays the active cell address or name assigned to active cell

sheet tabs

Identifies worksheets in the workbook
Use these tabs to change the active worksheet


is a table used to store variouys types of data
The data is arranged in rows and columns to make it easier to store, organize and analyze the information


Information created in a worksheet and saved in a file called workbook. A workbook can contain a number of worksheets


Intersection of row and Column

cell address

Location in the worksheet . It is represented by column first and row second
Example woould be: A1


is a group of adjacent cells used in formulas and formatting
Contains the starting cell and the ending cell
Example would be (A1:D14)


is a preprogrammed formula such as


are entered into a cell to preform mathematical calculations within a worksheet .
A formual always begins with an equal sign after the equal sign is the function then the argument


This action completes text entries as you start to type a new entry in a cell, a function that automatically adds selected cells

label (text)

is an entry that helps the reader relate to the values in corresponding column/row

equal sign

Prepares a cell for entry of a formula.

symbol used for multiplication

* the asterik is used for multiplication

order of operations



appears horizontally in a worksheet and is identified by numbers on the left side of the worksheet window


appears vertically in a worksheet and is identified by letters at the top of the worksheet window

merge center

the process of merging cells and centering the data in the cells

wrap text

When the words wrap to the next line without hitting enter.


a visual display of information


a visual display of information or data


The lines appearing around the cells in a table.


combine cells into a single cell


the process of adding, subtracting multiply divide number by using a formula

white cross

use this cross to copy formulas to another cell

black cross

use this cross to copy data exactly


Copies content and formats from a cell or range into an adjacent cell or range


mini charts that you can insert into a cell


the vertical line along the left side of the graph and the horizontal line along the bottom of the graph


Labels that identify the different data series in a chart.


To arrange a list of words or numbers in ascending or descending order

formula view

A view of the worksheet that displays formulas instead of the resulting values. (EX 46)

absolute cell reference

A cell reference that does not change when copied because a dollar sign has been placed in front of both the column letter and row number, such as $A$5.


numeric characters that can be calculated in a spreadsheet


make a mathematical calculation or computation

entry bar

enter or edit the information to a cell.


a built-in formula included in most spreadsheet programs that makes it easy for you to perform common calculations

Types of data entered into spreadsheet

values, labels, date/time

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