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8 DMM Unit 3 Terms Pt 2 mdh

The second part to the unit 3 Frameworks terms.
Mpeg 4; A compressed file format that can be used for audio or video; appropriate for streaming.
Omnidirectional microphone
Microphone that captures equally from all directions
Original work
A distinctive piece created by an author or artist.
The process of digitally extracting audio from CDs to your hard drive.
Sampling rate
The number of samples taken per second when second is recorded; 1Hz-1 sample per second; currently measured in Kilohertz; 44.1 is CS quality, 22.1 is radio quality.
The absence of sound in a production; used to set a mood or provide a moment for reflection.
Sound effects
Audio effects other than music or speech that are enchanced or artifically created and added in postproduction.
An example of audio that can include voice overlay, dialogue or direct address.
An audio signaled divided into two separate channels, palyed back simultaneously via separate speakers.
Playing audio or video immediately as it is downloaded from the internet, rather than storing it in a file on the receiving computer first.
Waveform; uncompressed audio format for Windows
Wireless microphone
A microphone that5 is not physically connected to a camera or recording equipment
Windows media audio, compressed audio format originally designed for WIndows Media Player.