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A 54 year old patient with pulmonary tuberculous is evaluated for SIADH, which of the following electrolyte imbalances would be expected?


A level of T-3 Graves disease is


A 35 year old female with Graves disease is admitted to a med/surg which of the following symptoms would be expected before treatment?

skin hot moist and rapid heart rate

The BMI rate is usually lowith with


Hypoparathyroidism is usually caused by

parathyroid gland injury

A 11 year old male is diagnosed with Type I diabetes before treatmetn he most likely experienced

polydipsia, polyuria, polyphasia and weight loss.

Hyperglycemia in Type 2 diabetes is the result of

hyperinsulinemia nd insulin resistance

A 13 year old male needs his insulin to control his Type I diabetes experiences hunger, light headedness, tachardia, pallor, headache and confusion during gym class, the most probable cause of these symptoms is

hyperglycemia caused by increased exercise

Chronic complications of diabetes such as micro vascular and macrovascular diseases are primarily related to


Characteristic physical features of persons with Cushings Disease Syndrome

trunkal obesity and thin skin

The most common typeof kidney (renal) stone is composed of


A 24 year old is diagnosed with renal calcaus that is causeing obstructions, which of the following is she most likely experiencing

flank pain

a 25 year old presents with burning urination, is diagnosed with urinary tract infection, which of the following organisms is affecting her urinary tract?

E. coli

The most common condition asociated with development of acue pyelonephritis is

Urinary Tract Obstruction

A 15 year year old male is diagnosed with laryngitis and 8 days later with glomerulonephritis, which of the following is the most likely cause of his disease

group A beta hemolytic strep

A 25 year old female presents with flank pain and fever she is most likely suffering from


A 54 year old female is diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome, which of the following lab values would be most consistent with this diagnosis


A 60 year old male is diagnosed with renal failure, which of the following lab values would be most consistent with this diagnosis

eleveated plasma creatin level

Anemia accompanies renal failure because of

inadequate production of erythropoietin

Upon examination of a male infant his urethra meatus is located on teh under surface of his penis, this condition is called


If Nephrotic Syndrome is no initially caused by kidney diseas it is termed

secondary nephrotic syndrome

A 4 year old male is diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome, which of the following accompanies this condition


In children the most common cause of acute renal failure is

heymolytic-uremic syndrome

Wilms Syndroms is found

in the kidneys

Vomiting reflex can be stimulated by

severe pain

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