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  1. laconic
  2. dilettante
  3. immutable
  4. divulge
  5. derision
  1. a (noun) one with an amateurish or superficial interest in the arts or a branch of knowledge
  2. b (adj) not capable of change
  3. c (noun) scorn, ridicule, contemptuous treatment
  4. d (verb) to disclose something secret
  5. e (adj) using few words; terse

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  1. (noun) a generally agreed-upon practice or attitude
  2. (adj) not easily managed or directed; stubborn; obstinate
  3. (adj) hastily or rashly energetic; impulsive and vehement
  4. (adj) marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial
  5. (adj) characterized by or given to pretentious display; showy

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  1. mercurial(adj) characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood


  2. garrulous(adj) tending to believe too readily; gullible


  3. amenable(adj) agreeable; responsive to suggestion


  4. inimical(adj) damaging; harmful; injurious


  5. credulous(adj) tending to believe too readily; gullible