24 terms

History Vocabulary Chapter 2

Richmond Virginia
1888 started making cars then build the city
Kitty Hawk, NC
They tested there gilder there because it was a good space with out a lot of people
Alexander Graham Bell
He was always interested in sound and speech
Thomas Edison
A inventer, he invented the first phonograph
Wilbur and Orville Wright
made the first air plane then tested at Kitty Hawk
people who give money to a project and a business hoping to make a profit
Andrew Carnegie
He made steel hoping to make money. Found a cheaper way to make steel by managing the whole steel process.
John D Rockfeller
He made money be starting a oil business
George westing House
in 1886 started the first electric company call westinghouse Electric company
J.P morgan
Was the countries most riches and powerful banker
A business that is own by investors
can use this to sell and make money
is a company that has control of entire industries
Free enterprise
a system people are free to start there own business and own land
is a person who buys or uses goods and services
Human resources
people who work to produce goods and services
Capital resources
tools and machines that people who work to produce goods and services
Ellis Island
a small island that was a immigration center
Angel Island
In san Francisco Bay
is unfair negative option about a group
immigrants contributed to this or variety of the american population
sweat Shop
Hot, Cramped
Lobor Union
people worked to get better jobs
workers who refused to work