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L4: Modals of Speculation (+ other expressions)


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He may be a teacher.
He is a teacher. (may)
She might not be a teacher.
She isn't a teacher. (might)
They could be teachers.
They are teachers. (could)
He may be sleeping.
He is sleeping. (may)
She must be sleeping.
She is sleeping. (must)
They could be working.
They are working. (could)
She must not be sleeping.
She isn't sleeping. (must)
He might be studying.
He is studying. (might)
He couldn't be studying.
He isn't studying. (could)
She may go to SF.
She will go to SF. (may)
He might study tonight.
He will study tonight. (might)
He probably isn't studying.
He isn't studying. (probably)
Maybe she is studying.
She is studying. (maybe)
It looks like he is sleeping.
He is sleeping. (look like)
They may be angry.
They are angry. (may)
They look sad.
They are sad. (look)
She sounds nervous.
She is nervous. (sound)
She must be nervous.
She is nervous. (must)
You may be right.
You are right. (may)
I may be crazy.
I am crazy. (may)
She seems upset.
She is upset. (seem)
She seems like a good person.
She is a good person. (seem like).