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Part 2

la surboum

the party

la fenêtre

the window

les amuse-gueules

the appetizers

faire quelques coup de fil

to make some phone calls

le fil

the wire

le plat préparé

the pre-made dish

le charcutier

the deli owner

un itinéraire

an itinerary



un palais royal

a royal palace

une antiquité

an artifact

égyptien(ne, s)

egyptian (adj.)


greek (adj.) m/f


roman (adj.)

L'Arc de Triomphe

Military monument built by Napoleon

les Champs-Élysées

a commercial center in france leading to the Arc of Triumph

le Louvre

Palace turned art museum, famous


Neighborhood in the north of paris. Has Sacred Heart church.

Le Marais

Neighborhood on the right river. With the Hotel palaces

un hôtel

a small splendid palace

être en règle

to be in order

Rozianne, qui habite Québec

Rozianne, who lives in Quebec

être en bonne santé

to have good health


kindest regards (end of letter)



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