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The Mark Of The Dragonfly


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What was the name of the little girl Piper found?
Her name was Anna. Page 62 and 63
Why did Piper and Anna go to Tevshal?
To see if Raenoll could find out anything about Anna's past. Page 147
What makes Gee so different?
He is a Chamelin. Page 144
Who did Anna call a wolf?
Master Doloman. Page 70
What did Anna have on her forearm?
The Mark of the Dragonfly. Page 44
Where did Piper and Anna end up staying?
On the 401. Page 384
Who is Micah?
Piper's friend. Page 2
What did Piper fix for Micah?
She fixed a music box for him. Page 3
Who did the slavers who kidnapped Anna and Piper work for?
Doloman is who the slavers worked for. Page 174
What did Gee's mom and dad do to him when he was seven?
They sold him to the slave market. Page 219
Who are Piper and Anna running from?
Master Doloman. Page 218
What did Gee and Trimble tell Piper about herself?
That she was a synergist. Page 228
Because Piper is a synergist what happened to the raider's crossbows when they were about to fire at her?
They exploded. Page 297
What is special about Anna?
She is part human part machine. Page 312
Who is Micah's brother?
Jory. Page 39
Where do they put the people who do not have people to take care of them?
Dormitories. Page 26
Was a Chamelin a rare sight or a common sight?
Rare sight. Page 144
Who is the author of the book?
Jaleigh Johnson. Front cover
What did Trimble use to make a experiment that exploded and the smoke smelled like lilies?
Black powder and Sarnun perfume. Page 386
How many extra days did Piper and Anna get on the 401 before they were a part of the crew?
One day. Page 384