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Chapter 7 Review Questions

Windows 7 Security Features
Security feature in Windows 7 that prevents malware by limiting user privilege levels
User Account Control (UAC)
The default privilege level for services is LocalSystem.
Compared to Windows XP, what networking features have been updated or added in Windows 7 to enhance security?
Network Access Protection (NAP)
Windows Firewall
Compared to Windows Vista, what data protection feature is new in Windows 7?
BitLocker To Go
Passwords that meet complexity requirements
Password policy setting used to prevent users from reusing their passwords too quickly
Minimum password age
Account lockout policy setting used to configure the time frame in which incorrect logon attempts must be conducted before an account is locked out
Reset account lockout counter after
The _________ local policy controls the tasks users are allowed to perform.
User Rights Assignment
Type of AppLocker rule condition that can uniquely identify any file regardless of its location
How would you create AppLocker rules if you wanted to avoid updating the rules when most software is already installed?
Create default rules
Evaluating DLL files for software restrictions has a minimal impact on performance because of caching.
Utilities that can be used to compare the settings in a security template against a computer configuration
Security Confi guration and Analysis tool
Event log are audit events written
An ________ is used to describe the structure of an application and trigger UAC when required.
Application Manifest
What are you disabling when you confi gure UAC to not dim the desktop?
secure desktop
Microsoft Security Essentials requires a subscription fee after a 90-day trial period.
Action Center monitors
Network Firewall
Windows Update
User Account Control
Internet security settings
Virus protection
To prevent spyware installation, you should configure Windows Defender to perform _________.
real time scanning
Type of encryption that is the fastest, strongest, and best suited to encrypting large amounts of information
To encrypt a file by using EFS, the file must be stored on an NTFS-formatted partition.
How can you recover EFS-encrypted files if the user profile holding the digital certificate is accidentally deleted?
Restore the user certificate from a backup copy.
Another user with access to the file can decrypt it.
Decrypt the file by using the recovery certificate.
With BitLocker Drive Encryption, you must use a USB drive to store the startup key
BitLocker Drive Encryption is user aware and can be used to protect individual files on a shared computer.
Preferred setting for Windows Update
Install updates automatically
Categories of updates that can be downloaded and installed automatically by Windows Update