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Maya, Aztec, and Inca


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When was the Maya Classic Age?
250-900 A.D
What type of crops did the Maya grow?
Corn, beans, and squash
What caused the Maya population to grow?
Trade with other city-states
What year did the Maya begin to construct large cities?
200 A.D
What is the Classic Age?
The height of the Maya civilization
Why were the Maya never considered an empire?
They were unified by a single ruler
What is the name of the famous Maya city?
Who was the Maya king?
What two things influenced the everyday lives of the Maya?
Social Status and Religion.
What was the social structure of the Maya?
King at top, then priests, warriors, and then Farmers
What other culture did we talk about that was similar to the Maya?
How did the Maya give the gods what they wanted?
Through sacrifices
What type of religion did the Maya have?
What did the Maya believe was important to the gods?
List three achievements of the Maya?
Astronomy, calenders, pyramids,writing
What are observatories?
Buildings used to study the sky
What are the 4 theories of the vanishing of the Maya?
People grew tired of working for the kings, war caused people to leave, drought, over-farming, ancient astronaut theory.
How were the Aztecs different form the Maya?
They were an empire.
What are tribute payments?
Payments that conquered people to make to the Aztecs.
How were the Aztecs similar to the Maya?
Located in same general area of Central America (Southern Mexico), polytheistic, study astronomy
What was the capital of the Aztecs?
What were chinampas?
Floating gardens
How large did the population of the Aztec capital get?
What was the social structure in the Aztec Empire?
Emperor, priests,common people
How was Aztec religion similar and different from the Maya?
Both were polytheistic, but Aztecs offered a lot more human sacrifices.
List two achievements of the Aztecs?
Golden Art, calenders
What are conquistadors?
Spanish warriors
Who was Cortes?
Leader of the spanish conquistadors
Who was Moctezuma II?
Last emperor of the Aztecs
What caused the collapse of the Aztec empire?
Defeat by spanish and the disease they brought with them from Europe.
What were the Inca located?
Peru- South America
What was the Aztecs Classic Age?
What was the name of the Inca leader who help expand the Inca territory?
How did Pachacuti create a strong central government?
Everyone shared with each other
What did he do with the children of his conquered enemies? (Pachacuti)
He sent them away to schools to be trained in Inca culture. That way they would be integrated into Inca society as adults
What is Quenchua?
Official Inca Language.
How did the Inca "pay" taxes?
Through labor or job skills
What was the system called when the Inca "pay" their taxes?
Who was in charge of peoples daily lives?
The government
What do we call this form of government today?
What was the social structure of the Inca?
Emperor, Priests, everybody else
How was the Inca religion different and similar to the Maya and Aztec?
They were all polytheistic, but the Inca did not offer human sacrifices
What were some Inca achievements?
Masonry, roads, quipus
What were quipus?
Knotted cords that told stories
What was Pizarro?
Spanish leader of the conquistadors
How were the Inca defeated?
By the spanish and the diseases they brought with them.