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Utility that will help you to find the IPv4 address of your computer (pick two)


That location type that's most appropriate to select when using your laptop computer to access the Internet by using a wireless hot spot at a tradeshow

Public network

Provides you with a way to control how your computer views other computers on the network and advertises its presence on the network.

Network Discovery

Utility that will display the IPv4 routing table (select three)


Components that are part of a Windows 7 network connection

network drivers

Protocol is used by the Client for Microsoft Networks and File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks to communicate with each other and share files


Correct default subnet mask value, specified as either a dotted decimal address or a CIDR value, for a Class C IPv4 address (Pick two)


Address that represents a valid IPv6 link-local address


Interface that is responsible for controlling communication between network drivers and protocols


IPv4 configuration options that must be configured properly to communicate with Web sites on the Internet

IP address
Subnet mask
Default gateway

IP addresses that can be used by a host on the global Internet

Method used to assign IPv4 configuration settings when a DHCP server is not available

Alternate IP configuration

To convert host names to IP addresses on the Internet, __________________ is used.

Domain Name System (DNS)

IPv4 address that has the same network ID as given the subnet mask

Sharing method used if you want to configure share and NTFS permissions for a user in a single process

Share with

Sharing method that does not allow you to pick the folder that is being shared

Public folder sharing

IPv4 addresses has the same network ID as given the subnet mask

The most accurate way to view all of the shares on your system

view the shares in Computer Management

The Internet connection technology that requires a mobile broadband device and a data plan that activates this feature is known as a ________ connection.


Internet connection type that is most likely to require the use of PPPoE


Internet connection type that is the least likely to be shared by multiple computers


Valid IPv6 global unicast address


Addresses that represent a valid loopback address (pick two)


Utilities used to perform advanced firewall configuration

Group Policy
Windows Firewall and Advanced Security

A computer has the IPv4 address and a subnet mask of What addresses represents a possible default gateway address (pick two)?

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