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Muscle tissue has all of the following properties except ________.
Choose one answer.
a. extensibility
b. secretion
c. contractility
d. excitability


Which of the following does not occur during muscle contraction?
Choose one answer.
a. Myosin heads bind to actin.
b. ATP is hydrolyzed.
c. The I bands shorten and H zones disappear.
d. Calcium concentration in the sarcomere increases.
e. Hemoglobin concentration in muscle fibers increases.

Hemoglobin concentration in muscle fibers increases

Which of the following are composed of myosin?
Choose one answer.
a. Z discs
b. all myofilaments
c. thick filaments
d. thin filaments

thick filaments

Contraction elicited by a single brief stimulus is called
Choose one answer.
a. fused tetanus
b. wave summation
c. multiple motor unit summation
d. a twitch

a twitch

Which of the choices below does not describe how recovery oxygen uptake (oxygen deficit) restores metabolic conditions?
Choose one answer.
a. replaces the oxygen removed from myoglobin
b. converts lactic acid back into glycogen stores in the liver
c. resynthesizes creatine phosphate and ATP in muscle fibers
d. increases the level of lactic acid in the muscle

increases the level of lactic acid in the muscle

The ions that enter the skeletal muscle cell during action potential generation are ________ ions.
Choose one answer.
a. chloride
b. sodium
c. potassium
d. calcium


The muscle cell membrane is called the ________.
Choose one answer.
a. perimysium
b. endomysium
c. epimysium
d. sarcolemma


Which of the following statements is most accurate?
Choose one answer.
a. Myofilaments slide during isometric contractions.
b. The I band lengthens during isotonic contraction.
c. T tubules may be sliding during isotonic contraction.
d. Muscle tension remains relatively constant during isotonic contraction.

Muscle tension remains relatively constant during isotonic contraction.

After nervous stimulation stops, what prevents ACh in the synaptic cleft from continuing to stimulate contraction?
Choose one answer.
a. the action potential stops going down the overloaded T tubules
b. calcium ions returning to the terminal cisternae
c. acetylcholinesterase destroying the ACh
d. the tropomyosin blocking the myosin once full contraction is achieved

acetylcholinesterase destroying the ACh

What structure in skeletal muscle cells functions in calcium storage?
Choose one answer.
a. intermediate filament network
b. myofibrillar network
c. sarcoplasmic reticulum
d. mitochondria

sarcoplasmic reticulum

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