El Camping, La Rutina Diaria, y el cuerpo humano

48 terms by rebeccastar29

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El parque

the park

La carpa

the tent

El mochilero

the backpacker

Ir de camping

to go camping


to put up; to set up

Dar una caminata

to take a hike


to have a good time

El espejo

the mirror

el champú

the shampoo

el cepillo

the brush

el peine

the comb

el cepillo de dientes

the toothbrush

el tubo de crema dental

the toothpaste

la barra de jabón

the bar of soap

el rollo de papel higiénico

roll of toilet paper

tener frio

to be cold

tener calor

to be hot

la cabeza

the head

los dientes

the teeth

la espalda

the back

El brazo

the arm

El codo

the elbow

El dedo

the finger

La rodilla

the knee

La pierna

the leg

El pie

the foot

La mano

the hand


to wake up


to stretch


to get up


to call oneself

Tomar una ducha

to take a shower


to bathe

Cepillarse los dientes

to brush your teeth


to comb your hair


to look at yourself


to sit


to go to bed


to fall asleep

Ponerse la ropa

to put on clothes

Quitarse la ropa

to take off clothes


to remain





El madrugador

early riser

¡Ya voy!

I'm coming!

El saco de dormir

the sleeping bag

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