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support, insulate and protect the neurons


compose half of all nervous tissue.
Star shaped; Cling to neurons and bring them blood supply


spider-like phagocytes that dispose of cellular debris and bacteria

Ependymal Cells

line the CNS cavities. Contain cilia that move CSF around.


produce the fatty coverings around neurons called myelin sheaths, that insulate the neurons.

Schwann Cells

form myelin sheaths around neurons. Ex) oligodendrocytes

Satellite Cells

protect, nourish and cushion neurons Ex) astrocytes, microglia and ependymal cells


The cells of the nervous system; They transmit impulses from one part of the body to another.

Cell Body

metabolic center of the cell; contains the nucleus and organelles.


an extension of the cell body that carries impulses away from the cell body.

Axon Terminal

the end of an axon; where it meets a dendrite, muscle or gland


an extension of the cell body that carries impulses towards the cell body.

Myelin Sheath

the fatty insulation that surrounds and protects an axon.


the gap between the axon termial and the muscle, gland, organ or neuron that it meets.


neurons that reside within the spinal cord and connect sensory and motor neurons to each other.


Support insulate and protect cells


Demonstrate irritability and conductivity, and thus transmit electrical messages from one are of the body to another area


Release neurotransmitters


Are amitotic


Able to divide; therefore are responsible for most brain neoplasms

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