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Chapter 15 Vocab Words-AP European History

Treaty ended Hapsburg-Valois Wars
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
The Massacre of Huguenots the day of the wedding between Margaret of Valois and Henry of Navarre
Spanish Armada
Sent by Philip II against England in 1588
Defenestration of Prague
Catalyst for 30 Years War
Peace of Westphalia
Sovereignty of German Princes recognized, Ended Religious issues in Europe, ended 30 years war
Spanish Colonial Policy
The New World was divided among Four Viceroys
Spice Trade
In Order to gain control of a certian trade, the Portugese had to defeat the Muslims
Discovery, Expansion, Reconissance
The Concordat of Bologna
Treaty that recognized that France had supremacy over the Popes
Henry IV of Navarre
France was saved from political anarchy when religious principles were set aside by
Main object for Europeans in the Asia trade
16th C Spanish Economy
Witnessed a price revolution and inflation
Representative early skepticism; creator of essay
16th C Women
Were accused of being Witches more than men
French Calvinists
The 10 Provinces of the Spanish Netherlands
German Soil
30 Years War was mainly fought here