APUSH Unit 6


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Gilded Age
1865-1989; era of political corruption; era of bearded presidents from NY and OH
Theodore Roosevelt
president in 1901 after McKinley's assassination; first strong president since Lincoln
Darwin's Origin of Species
whites pointed to this and hoped inferior natives would simply die off
Dawes Act
1887; tribal lands broken up into 160 acres or less and parceled out to individual Indians and/or families
Battle of Little Bighorn
"Custer's Last Stand" arguably the last Indian victory
Transcontinental Railroad
very important for shipping, westward expansion, and psychological reasons; laborers mostly Chinese and Irish immigrants working for as little as $30-$35 per month; biggest industry during this time
Homestead Act
any head of family could claim 160 acres for a small registration fee and an agreement to live on it for 5 years
The Significance of the Frontier in American History
by Fredrick Jackson Turner; also called the Frontier Thesis
Crop Lien System
farmers gave merchants an advance claim of their crop to get credit at the store (cotton)
Jim Crow Laws
racial segregation state and local laws enacted after the Reconstruction period in Southern United States that continued in force until 1965 mandating de jure racial segregation in all public facilities in Southern U.S. states (of the former Confederacy), starting in 1890 with a "separate but equal" status for African Americans
Mississippi Plan
1890; required would-be voters to pay a poll tax 6-8 months before election
Great Migration
~400,000-500,000 blacks went north to work in steel, auto, rail, and meatpacking industries
KKK and lynching was popular in the ____'s
Light Bulb
invented by Thomas Edison in 1870's
Alternating Currents
invented by George Westinghouse in 1880's
invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876
Andrew Carnegie
captain of steel industry
Vertical Integration
buying every company that had anything to do with the steel making process
Horizontal Integration
buying out all the other companies that make a similar product in order to eliminate competition
John Rockerfeller
owner of Standard Oil
Interstate Commerce Act
1887; RR's must charge reasonable and just rates
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
1890; attempt to outlaw monopolies in all businesses
Industrial Workers of the World
wanted to mobilize into '1 big union;' called themselves 'wobblies'
1880-1920, ~__ million immigrants came to US
Immigrants came to US
To escape persecution and for economic opportunity, ___________.
Anglo Saxons
British, German, Scandinavian; better than Asians
non-Catholic Christians; better than Asians
Gentleman's Agreement
1907; Theodore Roosevelt; Japan would restrict immigration of laborers to US, and the Japanese were denied US citizenship
How the other half lives
photographic book showing the poor side of cities, especially the immigrants and the tenements; Jacob Riis
Positive Government
Republican party during the
Pendleton Act
1883; enacted 'civil service' reform by establishing exams for government jobs
Sherman Silver Purchase Act
1890; required the government to regularly buy up a limited amount of silver and issue paper money in the same amount
Panic of 1893
worst depression in the US until the Great Depression
William McKinley
won the 1896 presidential election
policy of establishing and maintaining an empire
1867; US bought ______ from Russia for $72 million; Steward's Icebox
Yellow Press
what they saw was bad, but they exaggerated with sensationalist writing to sell newspapers and stir up sympathy for the Cuban people
Teller Amendment
said Cuban government would be left for Cubans to control
Spanish-American War
1st battle actually took place in the Philippines; Commodore George Dewey's fleet destroyed the Spanish fleet in Manila Bay, and only 1 US sailor was lost; concluded the Treaty of Paris
Monroe Doctrine
a US foreign policy regarding European countries in 1823. It stated that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.