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2014 ABFM Practice Questions VII


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Best way to differentiate between type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
Type 1: quick onset of symptoms , need less insulin
Type 2: slower and progressive onset of symptoms, needs more insulin

** not related to age of onset, levels on C-peptide
When are antipsychotics indicated for acute change of status in a hospitalized elderly patient?
During delirium - never during dementia.
Protocol for thyroid nodule
- 1st: TSH
- if low TSH → radioactive nucleotide
- if normal/high TSH → FNA if > 1 cm
Cough of chlamydia pneumonia
Staccato cough
- CXR: hyperinflation
- No fevers
Tx of campylobacter diarrhea
Fundoscopic finding of retinal vein occlusion
Tortuous retinal vein on fundoscopic exam
Method of diagnosis for cat-scratch disease
IgG titers to bartonella henseleae (titer levels and not presence-of is used)
Tx of distal radial fractures
- 4-8 weeks of immobilization with single sugar-tong splint or short-arm cast
Initial imaging of choice for acute pancreatitisUltrasound
- CT only if sx not improving or complications are developing
Air pollution recommendations for patients with chronic heart and lung disease
Avoid walking near busy roads when air pollution is very high
#1 cause of acute epididymitis in young sexually active males
- tx with antibiotics
Stretching is not a therapeutic option for what MSK abnormality?
Joint contracture
Management of frost bites
Leaving blistering area intact - do not mess with them
Fish oil evidence
decrease TAG, increase LDL
Stillbirth risk factors
- smoking
- congenital anomalies
- BMI > 30
30+ yo with normal pap and hisk-risk HPV (16 or 18)... management?
- can repeat in 1 year if HPV positive but no high risk HPV
Influenza allergy recommendations
- administer inactivated vaccine and observe for 30 minutes

- no vaccine whatsoever
Recommended diet for acute pancreatitis
Early initiation of low-fat diet
Which anti secretory medicine has the least sedation side effect?