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Breakdown of Fats begins in the...

small intestine

Breakdown of carbohydrates begins in the...


Breakdown of protein begins in the...


____ is not digestible


Define Paradigm shift

a radical change from previous thinking

Define adaption

the increase of alleles of certain genes from generation to generation that allows a species to survive and reproduce better.

Natural selection

the means by which adaption occurs

What nervous system activates the body's fight-or-flight response?

sympathetic nervous system (in presence of stress, the heart beats faster and stronger, more blood is carried to the vital organs, and the pupils dilate to prepare body to defend itself)

What type of data deals with numbers that can be measured?

Quantitative data

water undergoes relatively minor temperature and phase changes compared to other substances due to its...

high specific heat ad high heat of vaporization.

when a new species is being named and classified the new classification system relies more heavily on... similarities than ...

DNA sequence, physical characteristics

Hydrocarbons with double bonds obey what general formula?

CnH2n (C4H8) Number of Hydrogen atoms are always double the number of Carbon atoms.

what system provides the body's cells with oxygen and nutrients?


what system supplies the body with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide?

respiratory system

what muscle tissue are responsible for peristalsis that occur in the digestive tract?

smooth muscle tissue

Protons have a charge of


electrons have a charge of


Protons mass is... massive than electrons mass

2000 times more

The spine is a part of what system?

skeletal system

The spinal cord is a part of what system?

Central nervous system

If a gas(A) has higher density than another ga(B) it will travel ... than that gas.

more slowly

If a gas(A) has lower density than another gas(B) it will travel ... than that gas.


In what organ is immune cells produced

bone marrow

The heart is located ___ the sternum


Population growth is ____ correlated with consumption of energy


exchange of oxygen occurs in what structure of the respiratory system?


fertility rates are ___ in less-developed countries than in more-developed countries.


The mass of an atom is determined by the number of ____ and _____.

protons, neutrons

______ is considered an internal factor that enzyme activity is driven by.

amino-acid structure

___, ____, and ___________ is considered to be external factors that enzyme activity is driven by.

pH, temperature, and substrate concentration

_____ cells lacks membrane bound nucleus


mutations in human DNA originate in the____ and is expressed in the ____

genotype, phenotype

what is the powerhouses of cells in heterotrophs


the rough surface on ER is due to


the smooth surface on smooth ER is due to

lack of ribosomes

Covalent bond is the____ of electrons while ionic bond are the ... electrons to complete valence structure.

sharing, donating and accepting

mutations along ___ cells are passed on to future generations.


DNA codons in genes encode_____, which comprise ____.

Amino-acids, proteins

during cell replication polymerase enzyme duplicates...


Meiosis occur in ___ cells only.

germ cells

Define: Kinetic energy

energy of motion

potential energy

the ability of a system to do work due to its position or internal structure

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