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Irony Quiz

Know the authors and plot lines of these works. Be able to discuss the use of irony of situation in the ending of each. Think about what would be a good moral for each.
Roald Dahl
Lamb to the Slaughter
Tim Cahill
Rime of the Ancient Porcupine
Guy de Maupassant
The Necklace
Saki (H.H. Munro)
The Interlopers
Anton Chekhov
The Inspector-General
the recognition of contrast or incongruity between an expected outcome and the actual outcome, what is said and what is meant, and appearance and reality.
referance to something outside the subject at hand to add meaning and power. Ex: place, Story, character, thing, event, scientific facts.
a from of verbal irony, but whereas irony is detached and clever, this is heavy handed; whereas irony expresses strong feelings about large issues such as social conditions or human behavior, this expresses personal scorn and disapproval. This can be defined as harsh, cutting, personal remarks. It is meant to hurt and taunt.
ironic understatement
writer reports less than what he means. Ex: someone looks good for a dance, someone else says "not to shabby".
verbal irony
the contrast between what is said and what is meant. When words suggest the oppostie of their usual meaning.
irony of situation
an event contradicts the expectations of characters and/or readers
dramatic irony
contrast between what a character thinks is true and what the audience knows is true