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Meteorologists classify tropical cyclones using a measurement of sustained winds within the low-pressure system. How do meteorologists define a "sustained wind"?
it is a 1-minute averaged measure of the hurricane's maximum winds.
If a given year has more named storms than the name-list has names, how are additional storms named?
they are assigned names using the Greek alphabet.
If there is a tropical cyclone moving across the open Atlantic and the hurricane hunter finds it to have a maximum sustained wind of 133 mph, what classification would the National Hurricane Center assign to this tropical storm?
Hurricane Category 4
The trade winds are one of the wind belts that help form and steer hurricanes. In what direction do they typically blow?
from the east to the west
In 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept through the Northeast US. Sandy's total damage cost to date is approximated at $65 Billion. Where does Sandy rank in the top 10 most costly hurricanes to hit the US? (Hint: there is a list of damage costs in the book.)
Does air in the eye of the hurricane ascend or descend?
Which of the following is an incorrect statement about Figure 24.10 on page 450?
the air temperature in the center of the hurricane is cold compared to its surroundings.
Many hurricanes start near the west coast of Africa and move across the open Atlantic Ocean. What do meteorologists call the "trigger mechanism" for these types of hurricanes?
easterly waves
It is September 10th and a tropical cyclone has reached tropical storm strength over the open Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane forecasters however, are not forecasting that this tropical storm will become a hurricane. Why not?
The sea surface temperatures (SSTs) are 78F.
If a hurricane were centered in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and it was heading directly to the north, on which side of the hurricane would you expect the fastest winds and greatest storm surge?
East side
Which of the following destructive forces is made worse by a high tide?
storm surge
Which of the following hurricane destructive forces is the most deadly?
inland flooding
What is the nickname of the Air Force C-130 hurricane hunter?
If sea surface temperatures are forecast to increase over the next 100 years, how will hurricane strength respond to this increase in SST?
hurricanes will be stronger and have more energy
According to the text book, if hurricane conditions are expected within 24 hours, which type of public advisory is posted?
hurricane warning
The Palmer Drought Severity Index is used to rank the strength of a drought. When drought conditions are present over an area, are the PDSI values positive or negative?
What type of "pressure system" is typically associated with drought conditions in the Midwest and central parts of the US?
high pressure system
True or False: There is no formal definition for "drought".
During which decade was the "Dust Bowl"?
According to the journal "Weatherwise", where does the Dust Bowl rank with respect to the 20th century's worst weather catastrophes?
Where does flooding rank with respect to weather-related property damage in the US?
If a flood is called a 100-year flood, what does this mean?
A flood of this magnitude has a 1 in 100 chance of happening in any year.
In which month are flash floods most common and why?
July; because it is in the middle of thunderstorm season
What do meteorologists call it when t-storms follow one another along a stationary front, where storms pass over the same location repeatedly?
Which river in the northern US floods almost every year due to ice jams and snow melt?
Red River
In which Ocean does the weather event "El Nino" take place.
Pacific Ocean
In which general direction to the trade winds blow?
from the east
Which of the following accurately describes upwelling?
the rising of colder water from deeper levels to the surface.
Are there more or less hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean during an El Nino?
During the winter of 2010-11 and 2011-12, the Southern Oscillation Index was positive. Does this indicate El Nino conditions or La Nina conditions?
La Nina
where are the most destructive winds on a hurricane?
on the right side