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  1. long-term memory
  2. Neuromuscular junction
  3. What does gray matter contain?
  4. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic division: Postganglionic neurons
  5. Retina
  1. a has photoreceptors and neuronal cells to receive images and convert it to a neuronal signal
  2. b Sympathetic: noradrenic
    Parasympathetic: mostly cholinergic
  3. c lasts from days to a lifetime
  4. d Cell bodies of spinal neurons
  5. e chemical synapse between motor neurons and skeletal muscle cells

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  1. In front of the central sulcus, a strip of the frontal lobe cortex, the distribution of motor neurons reflects the degree of motor control
  2. In parietal lobe, necessary for integrating written and spoken language
  3. iris, lens, ciliary muscle, suspensory ligaments
  4. involved in control of physiological functions such as breathing and swallowing
  5. Involved in learning and memory

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  1. Nerve NetAnterior portion of the clear, transparent, admits light


  2. ThalamusNeurons organized into clusters


  3. Cell Body Composition (N.N.)Nucleus and Organelles


  4. what is a spinal reflex?afferent information converts to a efferent information without the brain


  5. Where is white matter located in the cerebrum?Least changes among different vertebrates; deals with visual and auditory relay


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