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  1. Diencephalon develops into?
  2. Postganglionic neuron
  3. short-term memory
  4. Cornea
  5. Two ways neurons communicate with other cells
  1. a receives information from the preganglionic neuron and continues the information to their axon to synapse with target organs
  2. b Electrical synapse, Chemical synapse
  3. c Anterior portion of the clear, transparent, admits light
  4. d lasts for ten to fifteen minutes
  5. e Thalamus, Hypothalamus

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  1. Conducts information between brain and organs,
    Integrates information coming from the peripheral nervous system,
    Responds by issuing motor commands
  2. in frontal lobe, damage results in slow or lost speech, individual will still be able to read and understand language
  3. Gray matter, white matter, spinal nerves
  4. Cholinergic neuron that uses Ach, Noradrenergic neuron that uses norepinephrine, ganglion, preganlionic neuron, and postganglionic neuron
  5. ventral horn (efferent neurons)

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  1. Reticular Systemmore common, chemicals involves such as neurotransmitters


  2. What is the term given for "ridges" for grey matter?sulcus


  3. Primary motor cortexIn front of the central sulcus, a strip of the frontal lobe cortex, the distribution of motor neurons reflects the degree of motor control


  4. Frontal LobeHigher order information processing, mostly association cortex. Reasoning, plannning, coordinating, controlling, and executing behavior. Contributes significantly to personality.


  5. Chemical synapsemore common, chemicals involves such as neurotransmitters


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