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  1. Iris
  2. Two receptors a neurotransmitter can bond to
  3. Functions of the spinal cord
  4. Preganlionic neuron
  5. Efferent neurons
  1. a Carries commands to the effectors which are the muscles and glands
  2. b sends the information to the ganglion by the axon
  3. c pigmented, adjusts the amount of light into the eye (colored part of the eye)
  4. d Nicotrinic, Muscarinic receptor
  5. e Conducts information between brain and organs,
    Integrates information coming from the peripheral nervous system,
    Responds by issuing motor commands

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  1. Cholinergic neuron that uses Ach, Noradrenergic neuron that uses norepinephrine, ganglion, preganlionic neuron, and postganglionic neuron
  2. sulcus
  3. final relay station for sensory information
  4. two unrelated stimuli become linked to a response
  5. event happening now

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  1. What kind of roots does each spinal nerve have?Gray matter, white matter, spinal nerves


  2. Conditioningto present a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance; establish association between the response and the neutral stimulus


  3. long-term memorylasts from days to a lifetime


  4. Amygdalainvolved in control of physiological functions such as breathing and swallowing


  5. Anterior portion of the eyeiris, lens, ciliary muscle, suspensory ligaments