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  1. What does the parasympathetic nervous system contain?
  2. Anatomy of the spinal cord
  3. long-term memory
  4. Anterior portion of the eye
  5. What makes up the Mammalian Nervous System?
  1. a Cholinergic neuron that uses Ach, Noradrenergic neuron that uses norepinephrine, ganglion, preganlionic neuron, and postganglionic neuron
  2. b lasts from days to a lifetime
  3. c Central Nervous System, Peripheral Nervous System
  4. d becomes transparent
  5. e Gray matter, white matter, spinal nerves

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  1. a. Signal arrives at the axon terminal
    b. Na+ channel opens Ca+2 channel opens
    c. Acetylocholine vesicles fuse with the presynaptic membrane
    d. Ach diffuse across the synaptic cleft, binds to the Ach receptors on the post synaptic membrane
    e. Signal is transmitted to the post synaptic cell
  2. Condition where a person is aware of the stimulus but he or she cannot identify it
  3. Carries information into the central nervous system
  4. excitatory, depolarizes plasma membrane
  5. Neurons communicate with other neurons or target cells at synapses

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  1. Where is grey matter located in the cerebrum?Outside, Cerebral Cortex


  2. Definition of CerebrumA network of brain stem neurons that control sleep and wakefulness


  3. Associative learningtwo unrelated stimuli become linked to a response


  4. Where do sympathetic divisions originate from?The cranial and sacral region


  5. Involuntary or Autonomic Division (Efferent)Executes conscious movement