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  1. Retina
  2. Sympathetic and Parasympathetic division: Preganglionic neurons
  3. Conjunctiva
  4. Efferent neurons
  5. Limbic System
  1. a has photoreceptors and neuronal cells to receive images and convert it to a neuronal signal
  2. b Network of neuronal pathways, important for emotion, motivation, and emotional association with memory, such as feelings of pleasure and punishment
  3. c Carries commands to the effectors which are the muscles and glands
  4. d Sympathetic: cholinergic
    Parasympathetic: cholinergic
  5. e Pink eye

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  1. final relay station for sensory information
  2. sends the information to the ganglion by the axon
  3. Neurons communicate with other neurons or target cells at synapses
  4. The cerebrum in the forebrain
  5. Nicotrinic, Muscarinic receptor

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  1. Process of repeating a heard wordstarts in visual cortex, to angular gyrus, to Wernicke's area, to Broca's area, to primary motor cortex


  2. When does the chance of paralysis occur?If damage occurs at midbrain or higher


  3. CerebrumInvolved in muscle coordination


  4. AmygdalaNeurons organized into clusters


  5. Electrical synapsemore common, chemicals involves such as neurotransmitters