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Objective evidence of disease observed by the physician, abnormal pulse,fever,sweatingor pallor


Subjective evidense of a disease reported by the pt to the physician pain, dizziness,itching

[ ]

enclose synonyms alternative words, abbreviations or explanatory phrases


equals or means unspecified


incomplete term that needsone of the modifiers to make a code assignable

[ ]/slated

used in volume 2 to enclosed a code number that must be used with the code preceding it


used when a more specific code is not available ( means other)


type face used for all exclusion notes


further define or provide examples of a category or section


encloses a series of terms that are modified by the statement to the right or left


indicate conditions that are to coded\listed elsewhere

( )

encloses supplementary words and does not affect the code

Bold face

typeface used for all codesand titles in volume I

see category

directs coder to consult specific category in volume 1

nonessential modifiers

terms in paentheses that qre nonessentail


mandatory instruction, pointing to alternative terms


follow terms to define and give further instruction


indented under main term and effects code selection

see also

direct coder to look under another term if all info is not found under the first term


disease/syndrome named for a person

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