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the canterbury tales - background and pilgrims

honors english
followed chivalry
the knight
a perfect gentleman
the knight
son of knight
the squire
20 years old
the squire
recited poetry, jousted, dance, draw
the squire
short story with a snappy ending that has sometimes has vulgarities
saints legend
miracle plays are many times about saints
through the medieval eyes (not like a Shakespearean tragedy)
a sermon meant to teach a lesson
a medieval study of appearances (character traits)
canterbury tales takes place in
three statuses
church court commoner
peasants, middle class, guildsmen
first pilgrim chaucer introduces
simple jupon
squire literally means
knight in training
jacket embroidered with flowers
the squire
satire of the squire
making fun of his youth (likes to party, likes women, doesn't sleep)
chaucer's thought of the squire
jack of all trades
the yeoman
reminds us of robin hood
the yeoman
a proper forester
the yeoman
working for the knight
the yeoman
why does the yeoman take pride in his arrows
arrows (their flowers) are expensive, he could afford buying a new one, not reusing it
wore braces on arms
the yeoman
wears st. christopher around his neck
the yeoman
patron saint of travelers
st. christopher
chaucer's opinion of the yeoman
jobs the yeoman would do
set up camp, make sure knight wasn't in danger
prioress' job
head of the priory (convent)
has a large forehead
the prioress
large foreheads mean
never cursed
the prioress
the prioress name
madam eglantine
tries to be french
the prioress
chaucer's opinion of prioress
upset to see a mouse
the prioress
passion for animals
the prioress
feeds pet "fine white bread"
the prioress
thin nose, nice mouth
the prioress
wears a brooch
the prioress
what does the prioress' brooch say
love conquers all
prioress satire
poking fun at her through the way she speaks and sings and learns french and how she thinks she's so cool but she's supposed to be a homely nun
head of the order
has bells on his thoroughbred horses
the monk
thinks rules of the cloister do not apply to him
the monk
why can monks not hunt
it is cruel and violent, they should be vegetarians
fur on sleeves
the monk
has bulging eyes
the monk
bulging eyes physiognomy
worldly (cloistered monks should not be worldly)
is the monk cloistered
is the friar cloistered
knows a lot of the town gossip
the friar
the friar satire
would arrange marriages for women but they have to sleep with him to get her married
the friar's name
friar lawrence
hears confession for money
the friar
white throat
the friar
white throat physiognomy
symbol of lechery
thinks lepers are below him
the friar (friars SHOULD work with lepers... like jesus)
chaucer's opinion of the friar
does not like him
a student who gladly learns
the clerk (the oxford cleric)
the clerk (the oxford cleric)'s reason for schooling
to become a priest
absent minded
the clerk (the oxford cleric)
just how absent minded is the clerk (the oxford cleric)
forgets to feed his horse and himself
has dark circles around eyes
the clerk (the oxford cleric)
material thing the clerk (the oxford cleric) loves
books (with gold titles and red leather)
a philosopher and listener
the clerk (the oxford cleric)
the clerk (the oxford cleric)'s satire
he takes money from friends (for book)
white beard
the franklin
why is the franklin's white beard important
had money to clean his beard
had cake and wine for breakfast
the franklin
why is the franklin's meal of cake and wine important
shoes his wealth
why does the franklin eat so much
you should live to make yourself happy, if eating is one of those things, go for it
great wine cellar
the franklin
the franklin's satire
if the cook isn't good, he's out of there
white girdle belt
the franklin
chaucer's opinon of the franklin
likes him
used stars to tell if you were healthy or not
the physician
how the physician could tell if you were healthy or not
through the stars
all doctors divided illness into four categories, which are
dry, hot moist, cold
the four categories doctors divide illness into are also called
in cahoots with the apothecary
the physician
considered to be irreligious
the physician
wears blue and scarlet
the physician
made a lot of money, but very cheap
the physician
drank cordials (night caps)
the physician
a feminist
the wife of bath
the wife of bath
how the wife of bath became deaf
third husband boxed her ears because she was reading feminist literature
weaved scarves
the wife of bath
red shoes
the wife of bath
bold and pretty face with rosy cheeks
the wife of bath
# of husbands of the wife of bath
5 (all dead)
how many times the wife of bath has been to jerusalem
gap toothed
the wife of bath
gap toothed physiognomy
why the wife of bath rode a wider horse
a wider woman
well wimpled
the wife of bath
why the wife of bath has spurs on her feet
lieks to be in control
importance of the wife of bath knowing many different sex positions
shows she's a feminist, because in the middle ages, the church said you could only have sex in the missionary position
two pilgrims where there are no satires
knight, parson
parish priest
the parson
devout, willing to teach parishioners
the parson
doesn't want to make himself important
the parson
was willing to pay other parishioner's tithes
the parson
ALWAYS put others first
the parson
importance of being "a country parson"
the parson would traveler all over his entire parish, regardless of weather
if gold rusts, what should iron do
if the parson isn't good, how can he expect others to be good (if the shepherd is dirty, how can the sheep be clean)
parson's brother
the plowman
didn't mind being a poor farmer
the plowman
didn't believe in owing people
the plowman
a mare
a farmer's horse, not a fine horse that the monk or the knight rode, what the plowman rode
the plowman satire
for such a good man, it's a shame his job involves poop
a stout churl
the miller
good at wrestling
the miller
red hair (beard)
the miller
red beard physiognomy
vulgar and rude
wart on nose
the miller
tells dirty stories
the miller
cheats people (calls his thumb a thumb of gold)
the miller
plays the bagpipes
the miller
chaucer's opinion of the miller
does not like him
always had a sword and shield with him
the miller
estate manager
the reeve
takes advantage of 20 year old lord
the reeve
knew seasons and animals well
the reeve
weird priest hair (sign of chastity and devotion to god)
the reeve
reeve's cottage
on a meadow, green trees, beautiful
how the reeve would trick his lord
he would let the lord borrow his own items (like a wheelbarrow) that was really the lords, and the lord would give gifts of thanks
ORIGINALLY was a carpenter
the reeve
let's his sword go rusty (doesn't need one)
the reeve
wears dark brown clothing
the reeve
not social, crabby, exemplified by him riding at the back of the group
the reeve
red cherubic face
the summoner
red cherubic face really means the summoner
has leprosy
the summoner
welts and pimples all over his face
the summoner
eats onions, garlic, red wine - makes face more red
the summoner
was a drunk
the summoner
only spoke latin while drunk
the summoner
why did the summoner speak latin while drunk
worked for the church, used it in church court
the summoner satire
like a jaybird (can repeat what people say)
a noble rascal
the summoner
how the summoner would "give summons"
instead of giving summons and sending them to the church court, the summoner would say "don't worry about it, just give me a quart of wine, and this will disappear"
part of church class, but NOT a clergy member
the summoner
wore a garland around his head
the summoner
why the summoner wore a garland around his head
to show he was fun loving
the summoner's best friend
the pardoner
has a piece of bread that looked like a shield and with it he'd act like he was going to hit somebody
the summoner
comes straight from rome for pilgrimage
the pardoner
blonde hair that's stringy and thin
the pardoner
the pardoner's job
selling pardon's for church
has docked hair
the pardoner
importance of the pardoner's docked hair
does not cover his hair with his hood, shows he's prideful
sells relics
the pardoner
the pardoner's satire
chaucer says he's a paragon (he's anything but a perfect example of a person)
chaucer's opinion of the pardoner
thinks he's gay (chaucer likes manly men)
the host
harry bailey
owner of the tabard in
the host
number of people ALL TOGETHER on the trip
canterbury tales is
a representative view of 14th century english society
code of chivalry
code of knightly behavior - rules that knights were supposed to follow, honoring christianity and the king
chaucer life dates
1st great english poet
how chaucer got his point across
through satire and humor
is chaucer comparable to shakespeare
symbolic narrative that usually has spiritual significance
narrative folksong that tells a story
medieval romance
popular included magican events (fantasies) and courtly love always, adventure, and quest
miracle play
mystery play, lines of a saint and a miracle that took place
morality play
dealt with teaching a lesson to society
how canterbury tales is told
through a frame and retraction (he throws things out then takes them back, uses satire)
definition of satire
poking fun at something to bring about a change
middle english genres (5)
courtly romance, fabliaux, saint's legends, tragedy, exemplum
a lover and lusty bachelor
the squire
used curling irons
the squire
around 20
the squire
his jacket was white and red and embroidered with flowers
the squire
has mastered all of the requirements that young knights in training are required to do
the squire