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Darius can be considered the a second founder of the Persian Empire because

he created a new organizational structure that lasted for two centuries

What was not true of Zoroastrian?

That it preached a belief in multiple deities

Who was Persia ruled by?

Kings, called Achaemenids

Name some kings of Persia


Which group of Persian rulers received the most pay?

Pregnant women

Greek states were defended by

private citizens

What was the central ritual of Greek religion?


Why is Herodotus considered the "father of history"?

He sought the causes behind historical events.

____ united the Persian tribes around 550 BCE.


______ extended Persian control as far as the Indus Valley.

King Darius I

Persian ceremonial capital


The Greek _____ consisted of an urban center and rural territories.


Greek leaders/rulers

-Cleisthenes founded democracy

Geographical location of the ancient Greek empire


Alexander the ____


The Funeral Oration of Pericles was written by________


Socrates response to his conviction:

-calm and serene

The ______ built a society organized around warfare.


the most technologically advanced warship in Ancient Greek times


The geographical location of Iran (ancient Persia)

makes it a link between West, South and Central Asia

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