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Ancient China, Chapter 4

From the text book "Social Studies The World"
Yellowish brown soil that blows in from the dessert
Platforms of earth that look like stairs
Largest country in Asia and the 3rd largest in the world.civilizations began in 3000 BC
China's capital
Huang river
Also called "China's Sorrow" ...had to be controlled with levees to prevent flooding. Name means yellow..carries yellow silt.
Used to control flooding and water flow.
Guangxi Zhungzu
Southeast region of china near the sea; One of the best climates for farming in China (lots of rain and sun)
Double cropping
Cultivation system where 2 crops are grown on the same land in the same year.
Tibetan Plateau
"The Roof of The World"... a rocky mountainous place & home to the Zhuang (nomads)
Mountain range, home to the highest peak on earth.
A town in China where tortoise shells and animal bones were found with writing on them (artifacts) that dated back 4000 yrs ago.
Pictures that represent words (ie. Chinese language)
China's culture
Not the oldest, but one of the most unified and continuous cultures over many centuries
Shang dynasty
The First dynasty, 1760 BC - 1500 BC, during the Xia period.
Bronze age
Period during which tools and weapons were made out of bronze.
Oracle bones
Used during shang dynasty, Made out of tortoise shells and bones, commonly used to predict future.
Zhou dynasty
The longest dynasty (800yrs), began in 1027 BC.
Zhou women
In charge of the silk production during the western Zhou dynasty.
Golden age
What they call the second part of the zhou dynasty or the "Eastern Zhou dynasty"
Shi Huangdi
First emperor under the Qin dynasty. Started great wall, Made gov't more centralized.
Divided into 36 provinces o r "political divisions"
Qin dynasty
Only lasted 20 years, ending in 206 BC when shi huangi (emperor) died. Period of revolts, etc.
Han dynasty
Period from 206 BC - 220 AD... with Han Gaozu as it's first ruler.
Han Gaozu
A peasant and The first ruler of Han dynasty. Lifted ban on books.
Relative who lived longer ago than a grandparent.
Wu Di
Ruled during Han dynasty, from 141 BC - 87 BC. Made many advancements and changes (built new roads, etc.)
Sima Qian
Wrote the first complete history book on China, including 3000 yrs worth.
Ban Zhao
She continued work of sima Qian and moreso supported education for women.
Civil Service
Practice of using skills & talents to work in the gov't.
People who go between buyers and sellers.
Silk Road
Only connecton with the rest of the world via road, during the second century BC
Born in 551 BC, His teachings and idea's greatly influenced Chinese culture and civilization. He taught during a time of conflict.
A way of thinking based on 3 core virtues: a sense of humanity, respect for family, and modesty.
Lu Province
Where Confucius was from
High ranking social class
Book of documenst
An interpretation of older Zhou texts by confucius.
Collection of sayings by Confucius that his students wrote down.
Mandate of heaven
Divine right to govern the good of all people
Follower of Confucius and declared that people were good by nature. Started to spread confucinism beginning 350 BC.
Belief in finding the "way" of the universe and that people should live in harmony with nature.
First great teacher of Daoism.