25 terms

Chapet 16 the Civil War

Union Soldiers
Southern Soldiers
Confederate President
Jefferson Davis
the 4 Boarder States
Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware
The reason the North blocked the Southern Ports
to prevent supplies from reaching the south and prevent the south from exporting cotton to make money
1st major battle of the civil war
Bull Run
People that died in the war
Blockade Runners
Confederate ships that could sail in and out of southern ports passed the Northern Blockade
The 1st battle of metal covered ships was between what 2 ships
Merrimack and Monitor
Why did the Union what control over the Mississippi River?
To keep the Confederacy from transporting goods in and out
Emancipation Proclamation was
The freedom of slaves
The 13th Amendment
Abolished ( ended) slavery
Harriet Tubman was famous for what
The underground rail road that helped hundreds of slaves escape
The 54th Massachusetts Regiment was made up of who
African American soldiers let by white abolitionists (person that wants to do away with slavery)
After Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclaimation
Britain and France did not recognize the Confederacy
The Draft
required men ages 18-35 service 3 years in the army
an increase in prices
Northern money
How did the Union encourage men to enlist into the Military
Offering bounties or payment
Habeas Corpus
The right to a hearing before being sentenced to jail
Who surrendered to Grant on April 9, 1865
General Lee
Where did the surrender take place
Appomattox Court House in Virgina
How many soldiers died in the war
Approximately 600,000
Sherman led what march
The march to the sea
Total War
You cut a path of complete distruction (ruin or damage) to end the war.