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Willowick (Amendments)

First Amendment
Freedom of speech, press, religion, right of assembly and the right to petition.
Second Amendment
Right to keep and bear arms.
Third Amendment
No quartering of soldiers in private houses during times of peace or war.
Fifth Amendment
Due process; Self-incrimination; Double jeopardy, and rules for Eminent Domain.
Eighth Amendment
No excessive bail & fines or cruel & unusual punishment.
Tenth Amendment
Limit the power of the federal government.
Thirteenth Amendment
Abolition of slavery, except as punishment for a crime.
Fourteenth Amendment
Citizenship, state due process, applies Bill of Rights to the states, revision to apportionment of representatives, Denies public office to anyone who has rebelled against the United States.
Fifteenth Amendment
Suffrage no longer restricted by race.
Nineteenth Amendment
Woman's suffrage.
Twenty-First Amendment
Repeal of Eighteenth Amendment; state and local prohibition no longer required by law.
Twenty-Second Amendment
Limits the president to two terms.