HA Exam 2

Which of the following are cardiac symptoms that need to be investigated?

Barrel chest
Slurred speech
Upper extremity weakness
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The nurse is conducting a health history with a female client who reports upper back and jaw pain. In order to assess the client's risk for a cardiac event, which question should the nurse ask first?

"Do you have any pain or discomfort in your chest?"
"Is the pain worse on exertion?"
"Do you have cramping pain?"
"Is the pain worse when you are lying down?"
When auscultating a client's heart sounds, the nurse hears a louder S2 when listening at the 2nd intercostal space right sternal border. The nurse determines that this finding is consistent with the closure of which heart valves?

Aortic and pulmonic
Tricuspid and mitral
Pulmonic and tricuspid
Mitral and aortic