21 terms

Chem Unit 4

Octet Rule
states that atoms tend to lose, gain, or shared electrons in order to have a full set of valence electrons
What are atoms with a full set of valence electrons called?
the noble gases
What was one way to emphasize an atom's valence electrons?
lewis dot diagram
monatomic ions
"one atom"
polyatomic ion
ion made up of more than one atom
ionic compound
compound made up of ions
positively charges ion
negatively charged ion
binary ionic compounds
compounds composed of two different elements
atom that has a positive or negative charge
empirical formula
to denote the ratio of ions in a compound
ionic bond
Formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another
covalent bonding
formed by a shared pair of electrons between two atoms
a group of atoms that are held by covalent bonds
molecular substance
substance that is made of molecules
molecular formula
to describe the composition of a molecular compound
molecular formula 2
tells how many atoms are in a single molecule of the compound
structural formula
specifies which atoms are bonded to each other in a molecule
double covalent bonds
consist of two pairs of shared electrons
a covalent bond in which electrons are shared equally
polar covalent
Electrons are shared unequally