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Identify the large pink stained cell in the center.

Thymus Gland

This slide is the _____ gland

Slide of a lymph node 1 capsule 3 germinal centers of lymphatic nodule 4 lymph nodule

Identify the slide and the labeled structures 1,3, and 4 (excluding #s 2 and 5)

Spleen: A=connective tissue capsule, B=white pulp, C=red pulp

identify the items labeled on this slide

Lymphatic System

Lymphatic Vessels

Right Lymphatic Duct

Thoracic Duct

Lymphoid tissue

tissues where antigens interact with cells of the immune system, Lymphocyte storage areas; examples: tonsils, spleen, appendix

Lymph nodes


three masses of lymphoid tissue that form a protective ring around the back of the nose and the upper throat - PALATINE TONSILS, PHARYNGEAL TONSILS ( ADENOIDS) AND LINGUAL TONSILS

Immune System

Cervical Nodes


Axillary Nodes


Inguinal Nodes




Thoracic Duct


Red Pulp


White Pulp

Right Lymphatic Duct

Lymph Node Structure

White/red pump, Capsule
Afferent lymphatic vessels-enter
Efferent lymphatic vessels-exit

Lymph node

Palatine tonsil

pharyngeal tonsil

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