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CompTIA 220-702

A client can no longer print from their computer to the default printer. The client successfully prints a test page directly from the printer. The printers queue shows the job ready to print. The BEST recommendation that the technician can make is
Restart the print spooler service.
If %temp% is executed from the run command
The current users temporary folder will be opened.
A technician needs to upgrade memory on a laptop with one available memory slot. The type and amount of memory has been confirmed to be correct. Once the new memory is added, the BIOS reports the original memory size. The NEXT step to perform is
Reseat the laptop memory.
Contains the user profile directory for Microsoft Windows 2000 and XP
Documents and Settings
A technician needs to add an expansion card to a computer. The documentation with the card states it requires a PCI x4 slot. The computer has PCI x1 and PCI x16 slots available. The technician should
Install the card in a PCI x16 slot with normal performance.
Used to test all computer hardware before installing an operating system
POST card
Should be installed to support Gigabit Ethernet within a home network
A laptop LCD screen needs to be replaced. The BEST tool used to open the case is
Plastic shim
A technician is dispatched to a malware infected system. Upon arrival, the technician notices the malwares pop-up on the screen. The boot method the technician would utilize is
Reboot in Safe Mode
Device that can assist a technician in troubleshooting computers that will not start
POST card
The correct address to use with the PING command when testing the functionality of a NIC
A technician is renaming files on a PC from a command prompt and is currently in the root of drive
C:. The command the technician should use to move to a different directory is
A workstation no longer has network connectivity. Upon visual inspection, all connectors and settings seem to be properly configured. The tool the technician should use to troubleshoot this issue is
Cable tester
A kiosk computer requires a CD-ROM to be in the drive in order for a program to function properly, but it keeps failing to boot when restarted. To correct this
Properly configuring the BIOS settings
The MOST important factor when using offline files on a networked computer
Size of the computer hard drive
In Windows Vista, a users documents can be stored on a drive other than the default C drive location by
changing the:
documents folder location in the folders properties.
A user has just updated application software on a PC and now finds the video display does not work with the new application. The technician should FIRST
Check the application web site for known hardware compatibility issues.
A user is attempting to connect a laptop to a TV using an HDMI connector. The user reports the video works properly but there is no sound. The MOST likely cause is
The HDMI audio service has not been selected.
A technician installs a new 802.11n network adaptor for a desktop computer. The technician tries to connect to an access point, but sees no available access points in the Wireless Configuration Manager. The BEST explanation as to why none of the access points are listed is
The access points are out of range.
Multimeter mode used to MOST accurately test the functionality of the black and red wires on a Molex connector of an in use power supply
When a user plugs a USB 1.1 device into a USB 2.0 port
The device will operate at the lower USB 1.1 speed.
Utility that a technician uses to display NetBIOS over TCP/IP information
The difference between a stop error (e.g. stop C0021xxx) and a Dr. Watson error
A stop error is known as ablue screenand causes complete system failure.
A technician upgraded a motherboard and CPU. The computer will not POST under the assembled
configuration.The BEST place to start troubleshooting is
Ensure RAM is correctly seated.
A laptop is received for repair indicating that the screen is very dim. The technician has confirmed that it is a hardware issue. The part that should be replaced FIRST is
The LCD inverter
A technician is able to connect to the Internet but cannot connect to a remote machine through Remote Desktop in Windows XP. Each time the technician attempts to connect to a remote location, the software times out. The MOST likely cause of the problem is
Port forwarding settings are not correct.
Command that will connect to and map a shared drive from a remote computer
A laptops LCD is getting scratched by the keyboard when the lid is closed. To MOST likely prevent the LCD screen from being damaged further
Replacement of the rubber bumpers
A user installs a PostScript driver for a printer that supports only PCL. The MOST likely result is
The printer will print garbage or unreadable characters.
A laser printer has a blank streak along one edge of each page but is otherwise printing normally. The MOST likely reason for this is
The fuser is damaged.
Default directory for User Profiles in Windows XP
C:\Documents and Settings\
A Sales Manager is a member of both the Sales group and the Managers group. The Sales Manager is attempting to update a file but is getting an Access Denied error. The file is secured through NTFS. The Sales group has the NTFS permissions: Read C Allow List Folder Contents C Allow Modify C Deny The Managers group has the NTFS permission: Full Control C Allow The Manager is receiving this error because
Deny permissions override Allow permissions.
Speed a 1600MHz FSB processor will operate at if the FSB of the motherboard is 1333MHz
A customers system is infected with hundreds of viruses, including spyware and malware. The customer has critical data on the system that needs to be recovered within 30 minutes. The BEST course of action the technician should take is
Remove the hard drive and copy the critical data to another system using an external dock.
A technician is unable to associate a wireless laptop to an IEEE 802.11a wireless access point. The wireless laptop is configured to connect to the SSID, and the wireless client scans all 11 wireless channels, however, the network still cannot be found. The MOST likely the cause of this problem is
The wireless client is using the wrong wireless adapter.
Will MOST likely happen if a laser printer displays 15% fuser remaining
The printer will print according to specification.
For added security, a network administrator has decided to lock down the wireless network. Ways to accomplish this are (Select TWO).
Disable the SSID from broadcasting
Change the default admin password
Company policy does not allow users to use dial-up connections. A new shipment of laptops contains built-in modems. The BEST way for the technician to setup the laptop to prevent the use of the modem is
Use Device Manager to disable the modem
Accomplished by running the disk defragmenter on a hard drive
Ensures that file sectors are contiguous
A technician needs to install a new internal flash memory card reader into an available floppy drive bay. Prior to installation, the connector that needs to be available is
USB header
Default location for temp files in Windows 7
A technician is installing an IDE hard drive in a SATA hard drive workstation. When the computer is booted up the IDE hard drive does not show up in the operating system. The MOST likely cause is
The primary controller BIOS setting is incorrect.
A customer states that their Internet connection is extremely slow. The technician suspects a failing NIC. The command line tool used to verify this is
ping -t
A user states that when a USB drive is plugged into their computer, the drive is not recognized. The drive has been used on other computers without any issues. The MOST likely cause is
A USB BIOS setting is not configured correctly.
A technician discovers that RAM modules are overheating. The best practice in this situation is
Install heatsinks on the RAM modules.
Could cause an NTLDR error on reboot
Boot.ini file is corrupt
A technician replaced a suspected failed SATA drive with a new drive and data cable, then discovers that the new drive is not recognized in the system BIOS. The MOST likely problem is
The SATA port is faulty.
A laser printer keeps displaying, Paper Jam C Front Door. It does not matter which tray or paper type the printer is using. The MOST likely reason why the printer is having this issue is
Something is stuck inside of the pickup assembly.
A technician needs to change the process priority of a background program. The BEST tool for performing this function is
Task Manager
The MOST effective method of retrieving a screw which has fallen into a computer case
Use an extension magnet to access the screw.
A technician installs and tests a new program on a computer using an administrative account. When a user runs the program, it fails to keep configuration changes the user makes. The MOST likely cause of the problem is
The software requires the user to be an administrator.
A system administrator has disabled USB ports after experiencing several virus outbreaks. A user needs to transfer several extremely large work related files from their home desktop computer to their work desktop computer. To transfer the needed files the user needs
An IEEE-1394 device
A user is browsing to a newly created internal site called www.comptia.org . After putting in credentials the page comes up blank. The MOST likely cause is
A proxy exception has not been configured.
Indication a system has become infected by malware
The browser is redirected from the chosen website.
When installing a wireless access point, a technician should FIRST
Change the default password
Port that should be forwarded on the firewall to make an internal web server accessible from the Internet
A sound card on the back of a PC is emitting a red, laser-type light. This is because
The sound cards optical plug is not connected.
A user requires more storage space on their computer. After a technician installs a second IDE drive in the computer, the system will not recognize that there are any hard drives installed. The MOST likely cause of the problem is
The jumpers on both drives are set to the master position.
The correct path to disable a service in Windows XP
Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
A technician has booted Windows XP Professional to the command line and needs to view a text file on the hard drive. The tool that will allow this is
Laptop components that are FRUs
Hard drive
A program is crashing and causing the computer to lockup. The BEST location for a technician to check for further information about the cause of the crash is
Application log
A user reports that every time their machine is powered on a prompt appears to save their settings for the BIOS and clock. The technician should FIRST
Replace the CMOS battery
Command that allows the technician to copy subdirectories from the command prompt
BEST command to use when attempting to check the DHCP status of a client machine
An office provides its users network access speeds of 1Gbps over its wired network. The manager frequently develops large files out of the office on a laptop that need to be transferred to the desktop at work, but states that it takes too long to transfer these files using the network. The laptop has an 802.11g NIC and a 100Mbps Ethernet adapter. To increase the transfer speed the technician should
Install a 1Gbps network adapter in the managers laptop.
Group a user should be added to for the ability to restore files, without granting any ownership privileges
Backup Operators
A computer is generating a missing NTLDR error. From the Recovery Console, the command that would BEST resolve this issue is
New memory has been installed into a PC. The PC fails to POST after the memory is installed. The
manufacturers website states that the motherboard supports the new memory. The problem may be resolved by
Update the BIOS
A technician was going to test connectivity on port 25. The application type is being checked is
A company needs network access to 50 computers transferring large amounts of data to various servers, all located within a single room. The MOST suitable for this situation is
Wired C All networked computers benefit from the use of switched full-duplex connections.
A user reports that their computer is taking a long time to save large files. The user is currently using an EIDE drive formatted with NTFS for storage. The performance of the system would be improved by
Install a PATA drive formatted with NTFS.
Access level that allows a user to perform normal day to day work with their own files but does not allow them to change system files or computer performance
A laptop is going into standby mode unexpectedly. The hardware component that is MOST likely causing the issue is
LCD cutoff switch
A technician needs to delete an infected file. The system says the file is in use every time the technician attempts to delete the file. The BEST way to delete the file is
The technician should boot into Safe Mode with Command Prompt and delete the file.
A user installs a laser jet printer on a Windows XP desktop. The user states that Windows XP generic printer drivers were used. When the user prints a document, the pages are printing out with random symbols, letters, and numbers.The technician should
Download manufacturer printer drivers
A user reports that their Windows XP machine, which has a 250 GB hard drive, can only recognize 137GB during usage. The MOST likely problem is
Service Pack 1 has not been installed on the machine.
In Windows XP, a user can change the programs that run at startup by (Select TWO).
Add or remove programs from the startup folder.
Run msconfig and configure startup programs.
The technician has suspicions that a browser has been hijacked. In this situation the technician look for
A proxy server has been enabled.
When attempting to upgrade an older PC that currently only has USB 1.1 to USB 2.0
A USB 2.0 expansion card can be added.
A laser printer is reporting a paper jam in tray two, but there is no paper stuck anywhere in the path. The MOST likely cause is
The pickup roller needs to be replaced.
Access level of a user that belongs to both the Administrators and Users groups
The technician has added a second hard disk to a Windows 2000 Professional computer. The command that is used to make the new drive accessible to users is
A mirrored set is another name for
File extension that will initialize the program installation process in Microsoft Windows
A users system is infected with a worm and has propagated to 30 company systems so far. The FIRST step the technician should take before attempting to remove the worm from the
customers system is
Disconnect the network cable from the users system.
Example of disk duplexing or disk mirroring
Way of manipulating a file that will retain its NTFS permissions
Moving the file to a new location on the same volume
A user reports their laptop computer can no longer connect to a server. The computer works correctly in a different office. The tool that would be used to troubleshoot this issue is
Cable tester
Command that will allow modification of file C:\BOOT.INI
attrib -s -h -r C:\BOOT.INI
Network communication on a laptop needs to be tested. To verify that the network adapter is functioning properly and communicating on the LAN
Use PING to attempt to reach the default gateway.
A technician is replacing a processor that is attached parallel to the motherboard. The processor type needed is
Pin grid array processor
MOST likely be the default gateway for
IP addresses a technician will ping to test the functionality of the network card
A device is plugged into a computer and a prompt appears that states the device is a hi-speed USB device and is plugged into a non-high speed USB hub. This message is appearing because
A USB 2.0 device is plugged in a USB 1.1 port.
A technician is called to troubleshoot a computer that is giving a non-system disk error. The MOST likely cause of the issue is
There is a disk in the floppy drive.
A technician wants to create a spanned volume on a set of hard drives. The tool that will identify if the drives will support a spanned volume is
Disk Management
A technician needs to get a quick overview of a computer. The BEST tool to provide the overview required is
System Information
When doing a clean installation, the default location for System Files in Windows XP is
A laser printer keeps printing out crumpled pages from the third tray.The MOST likely explanation is
The pickup rollers need to be replaced.
A user reports that their system is giving a message stating that their USB 2.0 devices are running at USB 1.1 speed without an external USB hub. The devices run at USB 2.0 when tested on the technicians PC. The MOST likely provide USB 2.0 functionality is
Install a USB 2.0 firmware update on the motherboard.
The BEST tool to troubleshoot a DB-9 port
Loopback plug
A customer reports that a networked printer is not printing documents. The technician successfully pings the printers IP address. The problem could be: (Select TWO).
The printer is out of paper.
The spooler is not functioning.
PING Ct does
Continuous ping of an IP address until cancelled
Contained in the first sector of the hard disk
Master boot record
A technician is tasked with setting up a Windows XP computer with a user account that will only be used to access the Internet. The account type the user should have access to is
If a technician suspects that the voltage being delivered to a desktop computers power supply is insufficient or incorrect, the device used to determine the correct voltage is
A multimeter
A virus has been removed from the users machine, but the user still cannot access the Internet. The technician should NEXT check
The web browsers proxy settings.
After upgrading to Windows Vista, a client states that the run command no longer appears on the Start menu. The reason the user cannot see the run command is
The run command is not displayed by default on the start menu.
A user states that email is not being received. The protocol the technician should check for incoming mail is
On a laptop, the name of the socket that a wireless card would typically be inserted into is
Mini PCI
A technician has just installed a new hard drive into a Windows Vista desktop computer. The hard drive does not appear in Windows Explorer. To have the drive recognized by the system the technician should NEXT
Initialize and format the hard drive through Disk Management
A workstation is not booting correctly. The technician wants to locate bad sectors and recover readable information. The command the technician would use is
chkdsk c: /r
A technician adds a video card to a single monitor system with an existing on-board video controller. After powering on the system, an error message appears on the monitor stating No Input Detected. The problem is
The monitor is still connected to the onboard video controller.
MAXIMUM allowable cable length of CAT5
100 meters (328 feet)
An internal IEEE 1394 expansion card should be installed on port type
A technician is troubleshooting problems with a hard drive. After checking the drive in another computer and finding no issues, the technician takes voltage readings on the Molex connector from the power supply. The readings the technician should find are
+5V and +12V
A user powers up their desktop PC, and instead of booting up normally, the user is taken into the BIOS setup. The MOST likely problem is
A faulty CMOS battery
A user reports that when typing on the laptop keyboard, the mouse pointer scrolls across the screen. To MOST likely resolve this issue
Disable the touchpad
A computer is responding slowly and the Task Manager shows that spool.exe is using 95% of system resources. The MOST likely cause of this problem is
Printing subsystem
If the laptop will not display any video through the laptops screen or an external monitor the MOST likely be replaced is
Video card
A technician is replacing a motherboard in a users desktop PC. The tool that should be used before replacing the new motherboard
Power supply tester
A computer just had a memory upgrade installed on the machine. Upon boot, the system does not recognize the new memory even though it is listed as being compatible on the manufacturers website. The MOST likely option to resolve the issue is
BIOS update
USER1 is part of the Users Group and is attempting to access files via UNC path \\SERVER\FILESHARE. \\SERVER\FILESHARE has the following share permissions: AdministratorsFull ControlUsersRead OnlyGuestsNo AccessThe directory on the hard drive where the share is located has the following permissions: AdministratorsFull ControlUsersChangeGuestsNo Access. The level of access the USER1 login account will have is
Read Only
A user states that the computer is too slow when capturing video from an HD camera. Upon inspection the technician realizes that the computer is state-of-the-art in hardware, but it is using an external legacy USB 1.1 video capture card. The camera has USB 2.0 and IEE1394b outputs. The BEST recommendation to increase the video capture capabilities in this situation is
Install an IEEE1394b video capture card.
A technician needs to implement a RAID 1 set on a computer. The MINIMUM number of hard drives that would be required is
Method used in the removal of a boot sector virus
Booting from the floppy disk or CD-ROM prior to scanning
A user is not able to receive files off the FTP server. For FTP to work properly the default port that needs to be opened is
The MOST important reason for ensuring a RJ-11 phone line jack is not connected to a RJ-45 Ethernet network port is
Phone line voltages can damage Ethernet equipment.
Users are reporting that a Vista feature asks them for confirmation before running most applications or making system changes. The name of this Vista feature and where should the technician direct users to turn the functionality off is
User Account Control; it can be turned off under User Accounts in the Control Panel.
After replacing the motherboard in a laptop, the system overheats and fails to boot. The MOST likely cause of this error is
Thermal paste was not applied between the heat sink and CPU.
Default FTP port
Allows the technician to copy a file without prompts
Devices that have the options of: master, slave and cable select
Hard drive
Using the NET command the variable that would be used to find out the number of files sent by the workstation service is
A technician plugs a USB device into the front panel of a desktop computer and nothing happens. The
technician knows that plug-n-play is enabled. A possible cause that BEST describes this issue is
The front panel connectors are not plugged into the motherboard.
An office laser printer is printing lighter in random areas. The EASIEST solution to implement for this issue is
Replace the toner cartridge.
Private IP address commonly used for internal IP addressing
A technician has deleted all the files in the directory C:\tempfiles. The command the technician should use to delete this directory is