71 terms

HIT213 test #3

dependent variables
increase in survival time for patients with cancer
Independent Variables
Medications, diet, exercise
Internal validity
difficult to prove variable without intererence from other factors
Ethical issues
the greatest problem against using the experimental method
not include in randomization
classic experimental design
pretest-postest control group that are randomly assigned
solomon four group method
pretest-postest design that included 2 experimental groups and two control groups
posttest-only control group method do not use
one shot case study
simple design
one group pretest-posttest method
quasi-experimental study that presttest is used before the intervention
static group comparison
two grouped are examined
participants are arbitrarily assigned
sometime other groups called
comparison group
cross over design
one group of participant act as Experimental and Control group
prettest-posttest control group method
participants were randomized to the intervention or to the control group
Posttest only control group method
Forty hypertensive patients participate in the study and 20 were randomly assigned
events happening in the course of the experiment
statistical regression
extreme scores of measure move toward the mean
individuals who leave and study can be different to those who stay
poor experimental procedures
a control group being exposed to part of intervention under study
potentially compensable events
occurrences involving liability for injury
occurrence report
risk manager's principal tool
near misses
do not necessarily affect the outcome
a person who represent right and interest of another person
cause and effect diagram
the investigation technique
root cause analysis
analysis of the sentinel event form all aspects
the risk management terminology
adverse drug event
a patient injury resulting from a medication
the list of drugs approved to use in the healthcare organization
efficacy and safety
A joint commission accredited organization must review their formulary annually
the five right of medication
a patient can bring their own and take their medication to hospital
risk management only involves the process of working through a malpractice suit
Brand name
a patent for new drug
genetic name
pharmaceutical name
inappropriate dose, non-formulary agent
inappropriate timing of dose
safety management plan
the mastering and outlines the design of safety
security management
program designed to manage the physical and personal safeguard
material safety data
give detail about a material
hazard vulnerability
analysis assists to determine the types of disasters
proper methods of fire responses
Medical equipment management
training for safe and effective use of equipement
utilities management
program for electricity, water, sewer, natural gas systems
proper use of a fire extinguisher
how often healthcare requires to practice emergency plan
dedicated to a specific area of healthcare practice
permission to practice their trade
Inadequate orientation and training are root cause of 63%
medical staff by laws
credentialing process of independent practitioners
National Practitioners data bank
database maintains reports on medical malpractice settlements
Heath care integrity and protection data Bank
database maintains reports on civil judgement and criminal convictions of licensed healthcare providers
reappraisal and reappointment process generally occur
every two years
data captured on physician profile summary is mandated by state board of health
clinical privileges
the scope medical staff of a healthcare organization
board of directors
ultimate responsibility for maintaining the quality and safety of patient
Chief Executive Officer
responsible for implementing board directives and managing the operations of organization
Medical staff leaders
governance of healthcare organization
strategic plan
document identifies overall mission, vision, and goals to help the long term direction
the act of granting approval to a healthcare organization
permission to provide services
a grating approval for a healthcare organization to provide services to a specific group of beneficiaries
compulsory review
type of healthcare review is performed to fulfill legal or licensure
voluntary review
origination review as request of healthcare facility seeking accreditation
Joint commission on Accreditation of Healthcare organization
responsible for accrediting healthcare organizations since 1950s
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities(CARF)
private, not-for-profit organization is committed to developing and maintaining practical
National Committee for quality assurance (NCQA)
managed behavioral health organizations
Conditions of participation
every organization that provides services to medicare and medicaid beneficiaries must demonstrate its compliance with this set
data repository
large data base store every data from healthcare
Information warehouse
technology allows organizations to store reports, presentations, profiles and graphics
Comparative performance data
healthcare organization measure data with similar organization