Los Verbos Irregulares en el Futuro y en el Condicional del Indicativo

to fit, to be fitting
caber, cabr
to say, to tell
decir, dir
to have (aux)
haber, habr
to do, to make
hacer, har
to be able to, to can
poder, podr
to put, to place, to set
poner, pondr
to want, to wish
querer (ie), querr
to know (how) facts
saber, sabr
to leave, to go out
salir, saldr
to satisfy
satisfacer, satisfar
to have
tener, tendr
to be worth
valer, valdr
to come
venir, vendr
Futuro del Indicativo
é, ás, á, emos, éis, én
Condicional del Indicativo
ía, ías, ía, íamos, íais, ían