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874. SGOT, serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase

blood test for liver function

875. SGPT, serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase

blood test for liver function

876. antacids

Mylanta, Maalox, MOM (milk of magnesia)

877. Amoeba (genus)

histolytica, proteus, verrucosa

878. prothrombin time, pro-time

clotting test, PT

879. /anol, /yl


880. /kinin

hormone causing motion or contraction

881. /ol, /anol

alcohol compounds

882. /saccharide

complex sugar

883. amin/o

amine, amino acid

884. BAO, MAO

basal acid output, maximal acid output

885. bilirubin/o

red, bile pigment, serum test for hepatic or biliary disease

886. BMR

basal metabolic rate

887. buccal smear

smear of buccal mucosa for genetic culture

888. Clostridium (genus)

botulinum (botulism), perfringens

889. Demerol

analgesic, narcotic

890. diazepam

used for treatment of anxiety

891. digestive hormones

secretin, gastrin, cholecystokinin, pepsin, chyme

892. folic acid

for treatment of anemia

893. fruct/o


894. galact/o


895. GoLYTELY solution

electrolyte lavage solution

896. histamine H2 receptor blockers

medication that act by blocking histamine receptors

897. malt/o


898. meperidine

analgesic, narcotic

899. meth/o, eth/o

one carbon, two carbons

900. packed red blood cells

red blood cells given in a transfusion

901. per

for every

902. phenylanine

antineoplastic agent

903. HAA, hepatitis-associated antigen

Australia antigen

904. Plasmodium (genus)

malariae (malaria), vivax, falciparum

905. technetium

radionuclide, Tc-99m

906. thiamine

vitamin B1

907. Valium

for anxiety disorders

908. Zantac

used to treat ulcers

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