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Sugar Act

British deeply in debt partl to French & Indian War. English Parliament placed a tariff on sugar, coffee, wines, and molasses. colonists avoided the tax by smuggling and by bribing tax collectors.

Stamp Act

tax placed on printed goods such as newspapers,legal documents, and playing cards.

Declaratory Acts

stated that it had the right for the the british to tax and make decisions for the colonists

Townshend Acts

taxed needed goods imported to the colonies such as paper, lead, glass, and tea.

Tea Act

gave the British East India Company to right to ship tea to the colonies without paying most of taxes usually placed on tea.

Coercive (Intolerable) Acts

1. allowed british troops to stay in houses or empty buildings if barracks were not available.
2. suspended the right of trial by jury of colonists by allowing trials to be moved to less "biased" areas
3. Closed boston harbor until the price of dumped tea was re-paid.
4. brought massachusetts government under total british control

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