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  1. What does an E-Kit contain?
  2. Pure Accommodation
  3. 4 persuasive message techniques
  4. News releases
  5. Public Awareness
  1. a the organization agrees with its critics, changes its policies, makes restitution and even makes a full public apology
  2. b dissemination of information to mass media such as newspapers, broadcasts, and stations and magazines, created by Ivy Lee
  3. c short videos
    news release
    fact sheet
    trademark info
    thumbnail sketches
    high res photos
    industry links
    executive officer photos
  4. d Step 3 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- As it grows, issue becomes matter of public debate and gets extensive media coverage
  5. e 1) clarity of message
    2) timing and context
    3) audience participation
    4) suggestions for action

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  1. start with most important 5 W's
  2. those who have clout with peers because of some special characteristic
  3. 1) Definition of Issue
    2) Involvement of Opinion Leaders
    3) Public Awareness
    4) Government/Regulatory Movement
    5) Resolution
  4. having bad meat, there was an undercover investigation by Fox media who are being sued for false papers only not defamation
  5. a picture of the head and shoulders of a person's body you send to newspapers-small so it fits and most personal part of the body is the face-used to promote ppl

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  1. PSAhow selected certain facts, themes, treatments, and even words to "frame" a story


  2. Familiarization Tripa low cost trip or tour offered to travel agents by a supplier or group of suppliers to familiarize the agents with their destination and services


  3. agenda settingthrough the selection of stories and headlines, tell the public what to think about, although not necessarily what to think


  4. 5 Key Traits of Opinion Leaders1) Highly interested in a subject or issue
    2) Better informed on an issue than the average person
    3) avid consumers of mass media
    4) early adopters of new ideas
    5) good organizers who can get other ppl to take action


  5. media kitusually prepared for major events and new product launches. gives editors and reporters a variety of information and resources: