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  1. pitch letter
  2. B-roll
  3. Power of female consumers
  4. Pure advocacy
  5. What are the factors associated with source credibility?
  1. a Ethos
    expertise, sincerity, charisma
    Problems with Celebrities
  2. b women make 80% of household purchase decisions and use social networks and corporate websites to form opinions about products
  3. c hard-nosed stance of completely disagreeing or refuting the arguments, claims, or threats
    ex: Pepsi and syringes
  4. d the video only, without narration giving a television station maximum flexibility to add its own narration or use just a portion of the video as part of a news segment
  5. e a short letter or note to the editor that tries to grab their attention (texts, emails, tweets)

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  1. mass media have minimal influence on electoral choices
  2. libel-a written falsehood and slander as spoken falsehood both called defamation by the courts
  3. competition-striving for the same object, position, or prize as others
  4. ensuring that the public airwaves are used in the public interest, tv, radio, internet
  5. a picture of the head and shoulders of a person's body you send to newspapers-small so it fits and most personal part of the body is the face-used to promote ppl

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  1. Five steps in preparing for media interviewsBasic News Release
    New feature about the product or service
    fact sheets
    bios on the spokesperson or chief
    basic brochure
    contact information


  2. Pure Accommodationthe organization agrees with its critics, changes its policies, makes restitution and even makes a full public apology


  3. Crisis Communication Steps1) Be accessible
    2) Put the public first
    3) Designate a single spokesperson
    4) Be familiar with media needs and deadline
    5) Monitor News coverage and telephone inquiries
    6) Provide a constant flow of information
    7) Be honest
    8) NEVER say "No comment"
    9) Set up a central information center
    10) Communicate with key publics
    11) Take responsibility for solving the problem


  4. Sarbanes-Oxley Acthard-nosed stance of completely disagreeing or refuting the arguments, claims, or threats
    ex: Pepsi and syringes


  5. What does a Traditional media kit contain?determine that advertisements are not deceptive or misleading