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  1. copyright
  2. Generation Y
  3. Crisis Communication Steps
  4. satellite media tours
  5. 5 Key Characteristics of Senior Market
  1. a 1) Be accessible
    2) Put the public first
    3) Designate a single spokesperson
    4) Be familiar with media needs and deadline
    5) Monitor News coverage and telephone inquiries
    6) Provide a constant flow of information
    7) Be honest
    8) NEVER say "No comment"
    9) Set up a central information center
    10) Communicate with key publics
    11) Take responsibility for solving the problem
  2. b 1) Demand high value from purchases
    2) Ignore Fads
    3) Voters-vote in greater #s than their juniors and are more intense readers of newspapers and magazines
    4) health conscious out of self-interest, and want to know about medical developments
  3. c Christopher Reeves ex. - a series of pre baked, one-on one, interviews from a fixed location (usually a television studio) via satellite with a series of television journalists or talk show host
  4. d protection of a creative work from unauthorized use
  5. e Born after 1990, children, teens, and college students influence their parents' buying decisions, major consumers of digital media

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  1. Step 2 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- media coverage puts issue on public agenda, discuss issue and determine if symbolic of larger broader issues
  2. public has the right to know over the embarrassment of the company
  3. born between '65-'81
  4. usually prepared for major events and new product launches. gives editors and reporters a variety of information and resources:
  5. born between '46 and '64

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  1. 5 variables of risk perceptionthose who have clout with peers because of some special characteristic


  2. Framingpublic service announcement


  3. WikiLeakspeople did not think WikiLeak should be taken down. Believed public should know no matter how it makes the government look


  4. Government/Regulatory Movementreputation is the track record of an organization in the in the public's mind


  5. Crisis Management1) Attack the Consumer
    2) Denial
    3) Excuse
    4) Justification
    5) Corrective Action
    6) Full Apology For Always Choose