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  1. Pure advocacy
  2. Public Awareness
  3. Food lion case
  4. Definition of Issue
  5. SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  1. a closely monitors the financial affairs of publicly traded companies and protects the interests of stockholders
  2. b hard-nosed stance of completely disagreeing or refuting the arguments, claims, or threats
    ex: Pepsi and syringes
  3. c Step 3 of Life Cycle of Public Opinion- As it grows, issue becomes matter of public debate and gets extensive media coverage
  4. d having bad meat, there was an undercover investigation by Fox media who are being sued for false papers only not defamation
  5. e Step 1 of Life Cycle of public opinion- activists raise issues via mass media and hold rallies or demonstrations

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  1. protection of a creative work from unauthorized use
  2. 1) Definition of Issue
    2) Involvement of Opinion Leaders
    3) Public Awareness
    4) Government/Regulatory Movement
    5) Resolution
  3. Born between 1982 and 1999. "want high pay status but aren't willing to work for it" not as worried about societal ills as once thought. more high maintenance
  4. Christopher Reeves ex. - a series of pre baked, one-on one, interviews from a fixed location (usually a television studio) via satellite with a series of television journalists or talk show host
  5. most common in short, bulleted items, announces a significant event/issue that is prominent and imminent

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  1. Crisis Management1) Attack the Consumer
    2) Denial
    3) Excuse
    4) Justification
    5) Corrective Action
    6) Full Apology For Always Choose


  2. 4 persuasive message techniqueswomen make 80% of household purchase decisions and use social networks and corporate websites to form opinions about products


  3. Formal Opinion Leadersthose who have clout with peers because of some special characteristic


  4. 5 variables of risk perception1) Risk voluntarily taken tend to be accepted (example: smoking vs flying)
    2) the more complex a situation, the higher the perception of risk
    3) familiarity breeds confidence
    4) perception of risk increases when the messages of experts conflict
    5) the severity of consequences affects risk perceptions


  5. What does an E-Kit contain?short videos
    news release
    fact sheet
    trademark info
    thumbnail sketches
    high res photos
    industry links
    executive officer photos


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