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presence functionality

A benefit of instant and text messaging that allows coworkers to be able to locate one another online.

Really simple syndication (RSS)

Allows the distribution of current information published in podcasts, blogs, video files, and news items.


Writing an entire e-mail message in all caps.

signature block

Text inserted at the end of an e-mail message that contains the sender's contact information.

social bookmarking

Helps busy professionals stay informed about topics of interest and negotiate the vast information jungle of the Web.

social networking

Web sites that allow participants with various interests to connect and collaborate; also called social online communities.

social online communities

Web sites that allow participants with various interests to connect and collaborate; also called social networking.


Unsolicited advertisements sent by e-mail.


Spam (unsolicited advertisements) sent via instant messaging.

subject line

Probably the most important part of an e-mail message or memo; summarizes the central idea and provides quick identification for reading or filing.

text messaging

Sending really short messages (160 or fewer characters) from mobile phones and other wireless devices; also called texting.


A sequence of messages sent via e-mail or posted to a discussion board covering a topic of discussion.

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