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  1. Urochrome
  2. renal calculi
  3. Podocytes
  4. Angiotensin II
  5. 2.0
  1. a The minimum daily output of urine to meet the definition of polyuria is:
    a. 0.5 L
    b. 1.0 L
    c. 1.5 L
    d. 2.0 L
    e. 3.0 L
  2. b Lithotripsy is a medical procedure used to treat
    a. acute glomerulonephritis.
    b. nephrotic syndrome.
    c. renal calculi.
    d. hydronephrosis.
    e. prostatic hypertrophy.
  3. c In response to a drop in overall blood pressure, _________ stimulates constriction of the glomerular inlet and even greater constriction of the outlet.
    a. Azotemia
    b. Sodium chloride
    c. Parathyroid hormone
    d. Aldosterone
    e. Angiotensin II
  4. d What is the term for the pigment responsible for the color of urine?
    a. Monochrome
    b. Urochrome
    c. Cyanochrome
    d. Multichrome
    e. Pyuria
  5. e Which of these form the inner layer of the glomerular capsule and wrap around the capillaries of the glomerulus?
    a. Macula densa cells
    b. Mesangial cells
    c. Nephrocytes
    d. Podocytes
    e. Monocytes

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  1. The countercurrent multiplier recaptures ________ and is based on fluid flowing in _________ direction in two adjacent tubules
    a. Potassium; the same
    b. Calcium; the opposite
    c. Calcium; the same
    d. Sodium; the opposite
    e. Sodium; the same
  2. A hospital patient produces 4 mL. min of urine with a urea concentration of 8mg/mL. Venous blood draw reveals urea concentration of .4 mg/mL. What is the percentage of cleared urea from glomerular filrate?
    a. 40%
    b. 56%
    c. 64%
    d. 72%
    e. 80%
  3. The mechanism of stabilizing the GFR based on the tendency of smooth muscle to contract when stretched is known as what?
    a. Renal autoregulation
    b. The myogenic mechanism
    c. Tubuloglomerular feedback
    d. Sympathetic control
    e. The rennin angiotensin aldosterone mechanism
  4. All of the following are composed of cuboidal epithelium with the exception of
    a. The thin segment of the nephron loop
    b. The thick segment of the nephron loop
    c. The collecting duct
    d. The proximal convoluted tubule
    e. The distal convoluted tubule
  5. 7. A patient enters a hospital after a motorcycle accident. He complains of midback pain. X rays reveal both rib and pelvic fractures. His emergency room examination includes urinalysis. Which of the following findings from the urinalysis would most likely suggest trauma to the kidneys from the accident, but not to the urinary bladder?
    a. Pyuria
    b. Hematuria
    c. Albuminuria
    d. Uremia
    e. Phenylketonuria

5 True/False questions

  1. GlucoseNormal urine from a healthy person can be expected to contain all of the following except:
    a. Creatine
    b. Urobilin
    c. Glucose
    d. Ammonia
    e. Magnesium


  2. The release waste into the bloodstreamMicturition is another term for:
    a. the production of nitrogenous wastes
    b. glomerular filtration
    c. the countercurrent multiplier process
    d. inflammation of the urinary bladder
    e. the elimination of urine


  3. The renal corpuscleBlood plasma is filtered in
    a. The renal tubule
    b. The renal corpuscle
    c. The renal capsule
    d. The renal column
    e. The renal calyx


  4. FalseDiseases that affect the descending corticospinal tracts may limit inhibition f the sacral somatic motor neurons and thus could result in urinary incontinence
    a. True
    b. False


  5. DetrusorParathyroid hormone increases phosphate excretion by the proximal convoluted tubule as well as promotes synthesis of calcitriol
    a. True
    b. False