Persian Wars - Battle of Salamis

Trinity Christian Academy History/English 9th grade
Persian Causes
Revenge on Athenian Navy
Greek Causes
Oracle at Delphi warned they would be saved by their navy; Themistocles threatened to COMPLETELY withdraw his navy if it was not used in this battle
Persian Major Figures/Leaders
Greek Major Figures/Leaders
Persian Strategies/Movements
Overwhelm Greeks with size again (see Battle of Thermopylae)
Greek Strategies/Movements
outmaneuver Persian fleet with their more nimble triremes - get large Persian ships stuck in straights/etc; cut Persian naval supply lines
Persian Results/Effects
Xerxes fears a second Ionian rebellion - leaves Greece (hurts morale)
Greek Results/Effects
Beat mighty Persians! (2nd time to save Hellas - Athens)